Career Stories - Exploring Live Casino with Francesca Prinzivalli

Fri, 17 Jan, 2020

Career Stories is an article series about the people who work at Kindred. For this article we sat down with Francesca Prinzivalli, Live Casino Product Executive, to talk about her journey at Kindred.

Tell us a bit about yourself Francesca, what is your passion?

Friends describe me as empathic and friendly. I enjoy learning new things every day, I guess this is why I have so many friends from different cultures. Moreover, since I’m a methodical person, I found a way of expressing my precision and patience with puzzles. I believe that accuracy, in general, is a key factor in achieving optimal results.

How did you end up in your current position at Kindred?

Starting at Kindred was a beautiful and an unexpected surprise, which gave me an opportunity to meet so many lovely new people. I began my career in Customer Support and having gained experience in the Live Casino sector, I went for the position of Live Casino Product Executive as soon as it opened. I tried to show my knowledge in the area and have a positive attitude towards this new challenge.

It’s often said that learning is a lifelong process, how does Kindred help employees to develop and pursue new interest? 

When I started at Kindred, I immediately noticed that it was possible to get to know many different departments within the company. Having shadow days with members of different departments is also a great opportunity to better understand which department to specialise in. Additionally, Kindred offers many learning tools such as LinkedIn Learning, which helps improve employees’ knowledge.

What is one moment that you will always remember from your time at Kindred? 

Seeing my manager in Customer Support be very proud of my achievements. When I was new to the role, I clearly saw satisfaction in her eyes, and she was really happy for me. I would naturally also like to mention the day I received a call to let me know that I got the job – I think that moment will remain in my memory forever.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is starting out their career at Kindred? 

You must firmly believe in our values. We believe in friendship and in all our values. So, relish the genuine Kindred spirit and see this company as your second home – it will deserve that title!