Kindred CX: Continuous transformation of the Join & Leave experience

Fri, 19 Jun, 2020

The ‘Join & Leave’ experience is, next to the ‘Pay & Withdraw’, ‘Play Sports’, ‘Play Gaming’, ‘Get communication & Rewards’, ‘Be In Control’ and ‘Get Help’ experiences, one of the seven key Customer Experiences Kindred is focusing on to apply a customer lens to how the company organises, designs and delivers change.

Shifting the focus away from channels and touchpoints towards customer journeys is how Kindred as a customer-obsessed organisation, is transforming itself toward customer-centricity.

The journeys are our customers’ lived realities/experiences, so we look at them as an outside-in approach to how the business operates.

The Join and Leave experience includes journeys such as encountering the brand, signing up, logging in and closing your account, with each of those journeys being further broken down into journey steps or micro-journeys.

Join and Leave should deliver a great first impression every time. To achieve this, we need to make sure that customers feel we are the right brand for them. The registration and login process must then be fast, frictionless and tailored to individual needs, all while demonstrating that customers can trust and rely on us. The same is true when customers decide to leave us, whether it be for the short-term or longer, the experience should always end on a high.

Staying relevant is key to attract new customers and keeping the existing customers loyal

Recent research shows that it takes less than a second to form a first impression of a person. Websites and apps are no different. This is why one of the primary objectives of the Join and Leave experience is to create a positive first impression. We work toward multiple customer objectives in order to ensure we stay relevant to our customers.

Our aim is to reach customers where they are and enable them to begin and end their relationship with us in a way that meets their individual needs. We are always exploring new ways of offering our products to customers and authentication is one of the areas Join and Leave is focusing on. New types of authentication methods are implemented regularly to ensure a customer can sign up and sign in as they prefer.

Making it fast and easy for customers to start and stop playing

Ease and speed are two of the key principles the Join and Leave experience should deliver on to create enjoyable and satisfying experiences.

We try and reduce the number of steps needed to register and explore new ways of speeding up the sign-up process. To accommodate different customer and market needs, we are transforming the registration flow into a front end mini-app. Mini apps are front-end components that are built on a micro front-end architecture. They allow each experience to release improvements faster and in an autonomous fashion, with no dependency on other teams.

This new microservice architecture is now allowing us to quickly change the registration flow, add and remove fields and steps, depending on specific market requirements. We are also exploring how we can offer instant and relevant help should a customer require help with the sign-up process.

Customer Journey Analytics

Customer journey analytics is about combining quantitative and qualitative data to analyse customer behaviours and motivations across touchpoints, in order to optimise customer interactions and predict future behaviour.

We organise customer journey mapping sessions to understand what customers are experiencing. We put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand their emotions and thought processes through different interactions. One journey can be broken down in several sub-journeys which allows us to closely review all aspects of a customer journey and understand the experience.

We evaluate the Join and Leave customer experience against a comprehensive set of metrics - descriptive, customer perception and outcome metrics. We monitor these and track if the customer experience is improving across markets, channels, brands, and customer segments - all the way to device level. We are also building a real-time monitoring capability aimed at identifying and fixing any cracks taking place along the journeys instantly.

Bespoke Customer Experience dashboards allow us to track how customers rate their experience with our brands as a whole, with specific journeys and specific drivers as part of those journeys, adding up to journey customer satisfaction scores (CSAT). This dashboard helps us understand which journeys or specific interactions we need to focus on next to improve the experience.

Results so far and Next Steps

By focusing on Join and Leave experience improvements we’ve been significantly increasing our customer journey satisfaction scores for both registration and login. Our customers now perceive those journeys to be the best two. With many technical improvements on the way, we have an exciting road ahead. We operate in a highly regulated and competitive landscape, which forces us to always stay on top and evolve how we engage with our existing customers and those users who interact with us for the first time. Data and insights will guide the development of the Join and Leave journeys, ensuring that we stay relevant, fast and trustworthy.


  • Trille Levin
    Experience Owner Join and Leave