Know Your Limits: a unique conclusion

Wed, 08 Apr, 2020

Kindred Group brand 32Red releases a unique and final episode of its ‘Know Your Limits’ campaign, featuring Wayne Rooney, Carl Frampton Paddy Brennan. A fantastic way to highlight the positive ways that responsible gambling companies can use their sporting talent for good.

Our ‘Know Your Limits’ campaign has been a huge success. Three separate episodes, starring Derby County star Wayne Rooney, three-time world champion boxer Carl Frampton and Cheltenham Gold Cup-winning jockey Paddy Brennan have been released in the previous months. 

Fulfilling our commitments

Today we are proud to release a unique episode that includes Wayne, Carl and Paddy together. The short film supports Kindred’s strong commitment to using our sporting stars for good and promoting responsible gambling behaviour through our marketing activities.

At Kindred, we have developed a strong set of responsible gambling messaging to keep players safe and in control. We have utilised this across a number of sports. In UK football, we use our front of shirt sponsorship across sponsored clubs (Rangers, Leeds, Derby, Preston and Middlesbrough) to include our responsible gambling messages whenever two 32Red teams play each other. 

Today’s release of the next episode in our ‘Know Your Limits’ campaign builds on this - and sees Wayne, Carl and Paddy talking through the advice and tips to help players stay in control and know their limits.

The film comes as our Standards Body in the UK (Betting and Gaming Council) recently announced a new 10 pledge action plan, which sets out the standards expected of its members during the ongoing Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The plan includes commitments to increasing safer gambling messaging, actively promoting deposit limits, and ensuring appropriate and responsible advertising is undertaken.

Our latest ‘Know Your Limits’ episode helps us build on that commitment and go further to keep our players safe and in control, as we always strive to do. 

Spreading the message

As we know, our sporting talent each have a unique voice among adult audiences. Their combined social media following is vast and when they speak, fans of their respective sports listen. We are certain that by using our sporting talent in this way, we can reach audiences with responsible gambling messaging in a highly effective way, including those who may be difficult to reach with other traditional messaging. 

The gambling industry has an important role to play in tackling problem gambling - particularly at this difficult time. Kindred Group is committed to using our key assets to ensure potential customers are aware of the variety of tools we offer; tools specifically designed to allow them to remain in control and know their limits. This is a core part of our sustainability strategy, feeding into our moral and financial responsibility to tackle problem gambling in an effective way.