30/30-foundation winners announced by Henrik Lundqvist and Unibet

Mon, 13 Sep, 2021

For the third year in a row, 30 Swedish clubs and associations received 30.000 SEK from 'The 30/30-fund', a CSR project founded by Unibet and Henrik Lundqvist. A project to reward sports associations all around Sweden for equality, fair play and sportsmanship.

Common ground to give back to the society

The 30/30 CSR project was launched in 2019, in collaboration between Henrik Lundqvist and Unibet. The joint project was initiated to support and give back to the Swedish society and grassroots sports sector. This topic is central to Unibet Sweden’s strategy, and for Henrik himself:

“The sports society has given me and others so much. It’s shaped me into the person I am today through successes and setbacks. I’m very proud of what we accomplished so far with the 30/30-fund and I’m looking forward to continuing with the project,” says Henrik Lundqvist

All Swedish sports clubs and associations can apply, no matter what sport or league they play in.

Each year, 900 000 SEK is evenly contributed by Unibet and Henrik Lundqvist, which is then split between the 30 winners. This means that since the start of the initiative, 2,7 million SEK from the 30/30-fund helped to further develop important sports projects around Sweden.

Winning stories from all over Sweden

This year, over 1100 applications have been received with the winners personally chosen by Henrik Lundqvist and Unibet representatives. The 30 winners from across the country represent a wide variety of sports associations: from ice hockey, handball and gymnastics to rugby, tennis, canoe polo and capoeira.

“Congratulations to all the winners for your hard and dedicated work to support a positive sports culture, it means a lot! Also, thank you for all the fantastic applications to the 30/30-fund this year. It’s been incredibly entertaining and fun to read about all the great and important work across the country,” says Lundqvist.

In addition to the prize money, each winning sports association receives a diploma, a statuette, and a signed prize check with an additional personal greeting from Henrik Lundqvist.

Read all the winning stories (Swedish only) here

All 2021 winners of the 30/30-fund:

Arboga Atletklubb

Brunflo Gymnastikförening

Dala Active Skaters

Enköpings rugbyklubb

Frosta Hockey Polarbears 

Team Motogirls


Halmstad Hammers Hockey Club


Hälle IF

IF Capoeira CVM

Katrineholms SK Fotbollsklubb


Lindome sportdykarklubb

Luleå kanotpoloförening Isbrytarna

Lunds Karateklubb

Onsala Pirates Basketbollklubb

Salaortens Ryttarförening

Sanda BBK

Showakademiens Dansförening

Storviks IF innebandy

Sundsvall-Ortviken Bågskytteklubb

Trelleborgs gymnastics and dance club

Trollhättans Simsällskap

Tyresö Royal Crowns

Valbo hockeyklubb

Örebro SK Handboll Herr

Östersunds Bandysällskap

Östra Ryds IF

Öviks Tennisklubb


  • Viktor Tjernström
    Market Customer Experience Manager