Britt Boeskov on how to secure customer loyalty by achieving a smooth user journey

Mon, 31 May, 2021

Britt Boeskov joined Kindred Group (then Unibet) as a Management Trainee in 2005. Today, she is our Chief Experience Officer, CXO, a position newly created in 2019, when Britt took on the challenge. Creating this role only shows the importance Kindred puts on Customer Experience.

Jake Evans from EGR spoke to Britt about the meaning of being a CXO, about Kindred’s seven customer experiences, how Kindred went into “CSAT overdrive” and much more.

You will find an extract of the interview below. If you would like to read more, you’ll find the full article here.

Extract from the interview

“My role is really to understand the customers’ needs and make sure that they’re prioritised,” explains the 42-year-old Dane. “Very practically, we do so through a journey-centric methodology that we’ve organised around seven customer experiences.” These are: ‘join and leave’, ‘pay and withdraw’, ‘play sports’, ‘play gaming’, ‘get communications and rewards’, ‘be in control’ as well as ‘get help’.

During a chat over Microsoft Teams, Boeskov references a seminal book first published in 2012 entitled Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business as a catalyst for Kindred creating a customer experience team. Yet, an internal review in 2019 provided the opportunity to properly reorganise the operating model and team structure around customer experience efforts. “It was a huge step,” Boeskov reflects.

“We did it on the back of further strategic challenges we saw in the market. With increasing taxes and regulation, and all the changes we’re seeing, you can’t have a leaky bucket in this environment and succeed. You can’t just keep acquiring new customers and losing them; you have to be able to get customer loyalty.”

Indeed, it is said that it can cost five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. But whether it is catering to current customers or onboarding new ones, at the heart of great CX is the user journey. This means smoothing out any friction points across desktop and mobile.

One aspect Boeskov highlights as being “very tricky and increasingly necessary” is that of customer verification. “We managed to change the way that documents were uploaded and, so, we saw sharp reduction in rejected documents and a 20% uplift in CSAT [customer satisfaction score] just on that one journey after fixing it.”

In addition, Kindred witnessed a significant 60% uplift in opt-ins for marketing messaging by simply altering the way in which customers were asked if they wanted to receive direct communications. On customer satisfaction specifically, Boeskov says Kindred has gone into “CSAT overdrive” of late. “Every interaction is measured and made available to all our employees through a data mining tool,” she explains.

In this day and age, consumers are notoriously promiscuous when it comes to their dealings with customer-facing businesses. This especially applies to igaming with all the head-turning offers and bonuses dished out like confetti. And with the online gambling industry often described as being commoditised and operators offering the same betting markets and same games from suppliers, being able to stand out and differentiate on product can help massively with CX.

A good example of late in this area is Watch & Bet developed for Unibet’s sportsbook and unveiled in late April. This feature overlays real-time odds on football and tennis streams, allowing bets to be placed without having to navigate away from the live footage. “That’s an example of how you can make the experience less commoditised,” says the CXO.


If you would like to read the whole interview, you’ll find it here.

Recently Britt was also invited by iGamingNext and Karolina Pelc to join their podcast. A conversation that turned into a very interesting talk, where the two discussed everything from diversity, work/life-balance to how Britt in her role work with the Product department. Listen to (and watch) the podcast here.