Something to take Pride in

Thu, 19 Aug, 2021

For the first time in history, this year's WorldPride event was held in two cities, Malmoe and Copenhagen, in two countries, Sweden and Denmark. WorldPride is an event that promotes LGBTQ+ issues on an international level through parades, festivals and other cultural activities. At the opening weekend Sweden's´ two most successful teams, Malmö FF and IFK Göteborg, clashed in the 15th round of Allsvenskan, the Swedish top league. To show their support, raise awareness about WorldPride and stand up for equality, diversity and human rights, the two teams decided to play the game in specially designed jerseys, incorporating the rainbow flag colours.

Special design on all exposure

As main sponsor of Allsvenskan and the teams Unibet holds the right to expose the brand on a patch on the right sleeve on all match jerseys. Normally the patch is designed in each team´s home colours, but for this game the patch was made in the rainbow colours. Coupled with that a special carpet that was used when the players entered the pitch ahead of the game was produced. The LED (light-emitting diode) commercial around the stadium was enriched with the rainbow-coloured background. So, the message was grand and apparent both for the supporters at the stadium as well as the TV-viewers.

Important to show our standpoint

When asked by Malmö FF if Unibet wanted to participate in this manifestation it was an easy decision to say yes! It´s important that we as a company show our standpoint and actively work to spread knowledge and support for this cause. To do this together with Malmö FF and IFK Göteborg conveys a strong message to the supporters, to the LBGTQ+ network and of course internally as well. Under the hashtags #youareincluded and #förallaslikavärde the collaboration between the clubs and sponsors was the first of its kind in Allsvenskan.

Equality, inclusion, and human rights are the backbone of which Kindred Group is built upon. Yet, our flagship brand Unibet has not taken a stand in this way through a sponsorship on the Swedish market until now. We will actively work to make sure we will continue to do this every year, hopefully in a grander scale with more clubs included.

More than just branding

At Kindred we are doing a lot of internal initiatives to spread knowledge and awareness around Pride and LGBTQ+ topics. We have set clear objectives to educate, celebrate and support diversity and inclusion. This is done at all levels of organisation and through dedicated employee networks.

Kindred is a global organisation that depends on a diverse and multi-cultural employee-base, and we feel proud to use our commercial brands in any way possible to stand up for our values both internally and externally.


  • Anders Falk
    Strategic Sponsorship & PR Manager