The Power of Women – Women In Tech

Fri, 26 Mar, 2021

People, technology, innovations and collaborations that pave the way for a better future and inspire hope were the focus of Women In Tech (WIT) 2021, - Nordic region's largest tech conference for women. More than 4000 people attended on March 10 and the tickets were gone within minutes of release.

The mission

Women In Tech’s mission is to inspire women to consider a future in the field of technology. WIT also wants to inspire and enlighten women already in the industry to stay within the field by providing a network and the experience of successful, interesting and pioneering people from the wonderful world of technology. Behind the Women In Tech Sweden initiative, stand some of Sweden’s largest and most influential technology companies. More than 20 tech companies joined forces in unique industry collaboration, to provide a platform and network for all Women In Tech.

Co-creating partner

For the fifth year in a row Kindred Group partnered up with Women in Tech Sweden through its Co-creating Partnership. This year’s conference was transformed into a virtual one due to the pandemic, with over 4000 attendees and an amazing digital platform. It had everything: the main stage, a network area, a piano bar, yoga sessions and an amazing photo booth. All this was mixed with some really interesting breakout sessions.

The Power of Resilience

The theme for this year’s conference was The Power of Resilience. A theme chosen with last year’s situation in mind. Paulina Motliba, Program manager for Women In Tech Sweden explains the theme: “Our planet is facing a pandemic that is changing the way we live forever. Fortunately, a bright and common thread of hope is running through the crisis. A thread that forces us all to reflect and become better at collaborating, inventing, developing and adapting to new conditions and a new reality. Resilience, the art of adapting, is more important than ever to survive and thrive in these unpredictable times.”

Our breakout sessions

Kindred hosted two breakout sessions. Our journey towards zero was presented by Aleksandra Wilczynska, Senior Data Analyst and Daria Magdoiu, Responsible Gaming Relationship Manager.

The second one, How to build engagement and entertainment in a digital environment featured Charlotta Shelbourg, Head of Player verification, Mette Lorenzen, Global Head of Customer Service, Mickael Marceau, Head of Payment Solutions, Usha Ganesan, Head of Financial Control and Treasury Teams, and Olga Hypponen, Management and Leadership Development.

“ To be a part of this event and to be a part of one of Kindred´s breakout sessions was really exciting. We talked, amongst other things, about how to build engagement and entertainment in a digital environment. How important technological solutions are when the notions of live entertainment have changed and have been replaced with digital entertainment. And what is the customers' reaction? The Power of Resilience is a theme that is very close to our day to day work”, says Mette Lorenzen.

Live chat

Kindred also hosted a 3D stand that was very popular among the attendees. Kindred employees were available throughout the whole conference via a live chat function. Sharon Green volunteered as one of our brand ambassadors during the day:

"I was active in the main stage chat introducing Kindred. There was so much energy and camaraderie, a feeling that we could all change the world. I shared my LinkedIn several times in the chat too, which resulted in 25 new connections and two new applicants for our graduate programme Accelerate. I loved this event! I felt proud to be involved."

Attending Women in Tech is a great way for Kindred to show the opportunities we have available in Stockholm.

Overall, the conference was a huge success: Kindred is proud to be a sponsor of Women in Tech Sweden and will continue to encourage industry dialogues, support innovation and empower our own employees to strive for a better future in Tech.

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