All-in Design Podcast Episode III: 2022 A Year In Review

Wed, 28 Dec, 2022

Wave goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023 with host Lindsey and guest Chris Parmenter, head of Product Design at Kindred. This episode will explore what UX looked like for Kindred in 2022, with insights into ways of working and how the team growth of 40% per year has impacted the UX team and Kindred. In addition, Lindsey and Chris share thoughts on the biggest successes and challenges for 2022 and how these will inform decisions for the team moving into 2023.

Join us in the next episode, where Lindsey will chat with product designer Giulia.

They will be talking about why at 30-something, they decided to switch things up and enter the world of UX. Sharing fears of leaving an established career, the excitement of learning something new, and tips on moving into UX. If you've been considering a UX career or want to learn more, join us next time on the All In Design Podcast.