Building a responsible gambling company: Podcast

Thu, 20 Jan, 2022

Kindred was invited to join the Silicon Roundabout podcast to talk about responsible gambling and the technology behind our in-house built early detection system. Silicon Roundabout is one of Europe’s largest tech communities connecting companies and creating talent networks.

In the first part of this podcast Mustafa Shreet, Director and Head of People at Silicon Roundabout talks to Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gaming & Research at Kindred. Maris explains her resilient journey from Fraud Analyst with a curious mindset to pioneering and eventually changing Kindred’s approach to harmful gambling from the inside out.

The second episode features Kindred’s Head of LeCo Analytics, Karim Chikh. Karim talks us through the challenges and the incredibly intelligent technical solutions that were used to bring Maris’ ideas to life.

Read more about Kindred’s ambition to make gambling 100% enjoyable here.

You can find links to both episodes below: 

Maris Catania


Karim Chikh