Historic investment into Swedish horse racing and trotting

Fri, 20 May, 2022

Kindred Group’s flagship brand Unibet, has signed an agreement with Svensk Travsport (Swedish Trotting) on access to sports data, as well as audio and video rights. Unibet is the first gambling operator to sign an agreement with Svensk Travsport in addition to its own ATG. 

Increasing our social engagement through additional partnerships and active sponsorships is a big part of Kindred’s sustainability strategy. Unibet, as a brand, works actively to give back to sports and society. In addition to the record-breaking sponsorship of the Swedish Elite, a historic investment into the Horse Racing & Trotting has now been agreed. This is the first agreement between a gambling company (Unibet / Kindred) and Svensk Travsport, aside from the agreement with their own subsidiary, ATG.

Philip Lagström, Sweden Manager at Unibet explains the agreement:

“The agreement provides access to the official sports data, as well as audio and video rights of Svensk Travsport. Unibet will also be able to stream all Swedish trotting races on its website and in the app. The compensation for the rights is based on the gaming turnover at the Swedish trotting races. Through our sponsorships and other CSR initiatives, we are one of the country's largest contributors to Swedish sports today. We are also very proud to be able to contribute directly to trotting and strengthen our position in the Swedish market going forward.”

In connection with this, Unibet launches its own developed trotting product and horse racing in Sweden. The focus remains on odds, which has a higher repayment rate to customers compared to pool games. With the agreement, Unibet customers will receive an improved offer thanks to the official data access from Svensk Travsport.

Philip Lagström looks forward to the cooperation with Svensk Travsport:

“We see trotting as an incredibly exciting area to broaden our business into. The agreement with Svensk Travsport gives us the opportunity to offer our customers an even better experience through our self-developed horse racing product. We look forward to a strong collaboration with Svensk Travsport.”

Unibet plans to launch its new trotting product in connection with the Elitloppet on 29  May 2022. The product will be further developed throughout the year, with a focus on offering the market's best betting markets and odds on trotting.