Hybrid working at Kindred

Tue, 31 May, 2022

‘Hybrid’ has become THE corporate buzzword of 2022. We know it is important to allow our employees flexibility. At the same time, as a highly regulated organisation, we must follow any guidance on where people are advised to be working. We spoke to Jamie Abbey, Kindred’s Corporate Communications Manager and asked him to explain what hybrid working means at Kindred.

Hi Jamie, how would you summarise Kindred’s approach to hybrid working?

In simple terms, it means teamwork, everywhere. At Kindred, teams think about what work they need to do, before choosing where to do it. Every team has the autonomy to choose a working pattern that’s right for them. From home, in our award-winning workspaces, or even whilst visiting relatives in another country. Our teams work everywhere.

Some Kindred teams choose to meet once or twice a week in our workspaces. Many teams have members around the world and have been working agile for a long time already. Some of the teams also choose to travel to meet face-to-face few times each year.

How does this work in practice?

Every team at Kindred completes a ‘team charter’. When completing their charter, team members consider lots of factors, such as personal preference of workspace vs home working, stakeholder requirements, local regulatory rules, social and networking needs. Most teams choose a mix of workspace and home-working, often with a bit of travel between locations to meet-up.

One of Kindred’s values is “We build on Trust” and we absolutely trust our teams to choose a working pattern that’s right for them.   

So, does this mean that I can work from anywhere?

We have a new policy known internally as ‘detached working’. This allows you to work in a country that’s not your contractual location for a maximum of six weeks per year. So, if the idea of working from a cabin in the mountains, at your parents' house on the countryside or somewhere more exotic, we’re the employer for you.

Thank you, Jamie, for answering our questions – is there anything else you like to add?

Thank you – yes there actually is. Kindred is growing and if you are interested you can find all open vacancies here. Our Talent Acquisition Team is happy to answer any questions you have when it comes to hybrid working model at Kindred.


  • Jamie Abbey
    Corporate Communications Manager