Kindred hosts OpenInfra Meetup 11 at Kindred Stockholm

Tue, 29 Mar, 2022

On March 17, Kindred Group hosted another Tech Meetup in collaboration with OpenInfra User Group Sweden in Kindred's Stockholm main hub. Run and organised by Daniel Byström, the 11th instalment of the forum had over 80 attendees and focused on spreading information and knowledge about open source cloud-related technology. 

OpenInfra Foundation's mission is to help people build and operate Open Infrastructure, using Open Source software. It supports the development of many tools and platforms, including OpenStack, Kata containers, Zuul, and much more. It also organises events to help Open Source communities work together and improve the Open Infrastructure landscape. The Stockholm OpenInfra meetup group organises forums that allow people in the area to meet, present various projects and ideas, and mingle around coffee and cinnamon buns.

OpenInfra #11 featured presentations from various experts within the field: Nicolae Paladi, CEO and co-founder of CanaryBit, John Johansson, Binero RedBridge, as well as Rodrigo Hernandez, Product Manager SiteReliability Engineering at Kindred Group. The topics of the day focused on technological infrastructure with Open Source, which aligns with the original purpose of the meetup – to create a forum with a clear focus of knowledge exchange whilst keeping the business side of things out of it. 

Knowledge-sharing events

Daniel Byström from OpenInfra User Group Sweden was hosting the meetup group and started the event by introducing the meetup agenda, the presenters and a competition with a nice price. OpenInfra Meetup group members are passionate about sharing content; these types of events bring people closer together due to similar mindsets and interests in open source technology. This is also an excellent way to network and talk to experts in the OpenInfra world. 

Nicolae Paladi from CanaryBit was the first presenter of the event with "Confidential cloud computing: choose your platform". Nicolae presented the current status of confidential computing, including hardware and software support, with the goal to raise awareness among cloud providers about server hardware capabilities for confidential computing. OpenInfra Meetup Stockholm is the perfect venue to discuss the use of open source technologies, like OpenStack, in cloud deployments.

The presentations ended with "Supercharge your OpenStack with OKD" a talk from John Johansson, Binero RedBridge. His presentations and demo were around OKD, Redhat's Community release of OpenShift. In the Open Source world, there is a strong 'Do It Yourself' spirit, which is commendable but can take time and resources. In the demo part of the presentation, he showed how easily developers can work with the functionality in the intuitive web interface for OKD, to build orchestrated container images for microservices when refactoring a monolithic application.

Contribute to the open source community

Nowadays, sharing code is a way of bringing people together across national and cultural borders. It gives people the opportunity to get involved in the technical community and build their own technology. At Kindred, OpenStack has been used in the construction of our Scalable Monitoring Solution. Kindred's Engineer, Rodrigo Hernandez, talked about this in his presentation "Monitoring at scale with Open Source tools at Kindred." 

"I have worked in the open source community for around 20 years and have used different tools during that time. Presenting this way and being part of OpenInfra's knowledge-sharing session is, for me, a natural way of giving back to the Meetup community," says Rodrigo.