Kindred Ranked 2nd by All-Index

Mon, 01 Aug, 2022

We are very proud to announce that Kindred has been ranked second in the All-Index, which is an independent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) benchmarking survey for our industry, audited by All-In Diversity. We are pleased to have scored a commendable 79 out of 100. While we recognise that we still have a long journey ahead, we are proud of the huge leap we have made since the last survey, and results such as these really help us to see that we are on the right track.

The All-Index asked questions around DEI topics such as inclusive policies, gender split, and engagement in DEI practice. Out of the 40 organisations who participated, only 12 scored 50 or more points. The top score was 85, with a median score of 32.5.

While this is fantastic news, we can learn much from these results. One area of improvement highlighted was measuring the ethnicity pay gap. The All-Index results showed that half of the participating companies measured the Gender pay gap, but almost none measured the ethnicity pay gap. We have already initially launched a UK project to gather this data and invested in software that will enable us to generate ethnicity and other demographic pay gap data.

We scored most highly in the diverse policies we have here at Kindred and the inclusive nature of those policies. We always strive to ensure our policies are lawful, reflective of our values, and transparent and easy to understand. In addition, we want to offer the best for our employees. With this in mind, we aim to set each policy to the best global standards. Over the past two years, we have worked closely with our Womenkind Network to identify areas of improvement and actively reviewed and improved our maternity and paternity leave policies. We continue working with HR and our employee networks to improve our policies and create new policies, such as the Menopause Policy and the Disability and Reasonable Adjustments Guidelines Policy.

One area highlighted as an area of improvement was our gender split at the senior level. We are working towards achieving gender parity at the senior level by 2025 and have made huge strides. In the last year, we have invested in more DEI training which has encouraged more people to take ownership of DEI, from our Execs having their commitments to our employees driving change through our employee networks. Since completing our senior leader programme, we have seen the percentage of our future leaders being recognised as having high potential by their line managers, who are female double. Furthermore, we have started completely redesigning our senior-level hiring process to remove bias and are continuing to look at innovative ways to increase our diverse talent pools. 

Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder of All-in, says, "If we can change the landscape of work if we can shift the paradigm and build inclusive cultures, we all win." In the third year of the All-Index, we can see the impact within Kindred and the industry and feel extremely positive about the future. 

So, what's next? We will continue to challenge by seeking opportunities to improve as an organisation and look forward to sharing more about our progress soon.

You can read more on the All-Index here.