Kindred Tech was presenting at the London Microservices Meetup

Tue, 02 Aug, 2022

When trying to write performant software, especially when you need to communicate with 3rd party software or with regulator’s services that can’t give you the performance guarantees you require, compliance can become a developer’s nightmare.

In June 45 people attended the London Microservices Meetup in the Attest office in Shoreditch. The goal of these meetings is to hold monthly meetings with speakers from across the industry talking about the interesting and difficult tech problems they are facing, and how they are solving them. The turn out in Shoreditch was better than expected, and many people made it to the event, despite the fact that there was a train and tube strike!

This time, two of the speakers were from Kindred. Craig Saunders, Engineering Manager and Harsh Gautam, Software Engineer had prepared a presentation on tackling compliance. The talk’s premise was to talk through challenges Kindred has faced and how the team has used event-driven architecture and asynchronous events to handle different latencies to ensure that different market performance issues didn’t have system-wide effects.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

  • In the post Meetup chat, there was great feedback on the level of detail presented and this formed the basis of some great conversations within the group.
  • Part of the audience were new to event-driven microservices; hence they commented that they got a new perspective on how to tackle throughput challenges on their systems.
  • The high volume of transactions that Kindred must handle shocked some of the audience and provided a great perspective on Kindred’s engineering challenges.
  • Some of the audience had not known that a company operating in the gambling industry was so technical.
  • The way we leverage monitoring and Theory of Constraints (ToC) to further improve the performance of the initial design was an interesting takeaway for some of the audience.

The full presentation can be seen here: https://www.slideshare.net/CraigSaunders3/tackling-compliance-when-it-becomes-your-biggest-performance-bottleneckpdf

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