Qatar 2022 World Cup Interviews: Henrik Tjärnström, CEO

Fri, 11 Nov, 2022

As part of this year's first-ever winter World Cup, we interviewed our leadership team to discuss the build-up and excitement of the world cup and what this means for Kindred Group. 

For the World Cup 2022, who are your tournament favourites and dark horses?

Without Sweden in the tournament, my favourite has to be France this year, but I have Denmark down as my dark horse.

What have we at Kindred learned from previous World Cups that can give us insight into this year's tournament?

My main takeaway is that as much as we prepare, it will always be bigger than we thought! But we can all expect the same energy and drive throughout this year's tournament – it will be big.

We know there will be pros and cons to having a winter World Cup – what is your take on how this will affect Kindred's performance?

It is important to remember that the unusual timing of a winter World Cup will distort any direct comparatives. However, our performance should be good overall, and we will see a record-breaking turnover for both sportsbook and casino in December.

Do you have a favourite memory from a World Cup at Kindred?

It boils down to the excitement before the first match at every World Cup we've celebrated at Kindred. I'm looking forward to experiencing this in our offices again this year – our employees create the atmosphere and excitement.