Kindred proprietary tech platform – adding scalability to our industry leading customer experience

Fri, 12 May, 2023

On Wednesday May 10, Kindred announced that its new proprietary tech platform is live in New Jersey. The launch marks another important step in Kindred’s ambition to improve customer experience and enhance responsible gambling, using top-of-the-line tech. But what do the new and improved platform being live in the U.S. entail in more detail? Let’s have a closer look!

So, what is the most recent Kindred platform update all about? Well, first of all it checks off the first step in bringing the Kindred platform to the US. By using Kindred’s own platform, we can provide the U.S. market with the highly personalised, top-notch gambling experience that has made us stand out in other markets. This, in turn, will have Kindred better equipped to capitalise on the large growth opportunities in the U.S. market, in line with its previously communicated strategic priorities. But it is about more than just that. 

Essentially, we have packaged the Kindred Platform and enabled deployment wherever we want in the world. This builds on Kindred’s one platform strategy, allowing us to create synergies across markets, and grow and expand operations without being limited by technology. That is, platform investments aren’t isolated to a specified market, but can be utilised directly on all markets – regardless of its origin.

The upsides to this are many. For one, it makes for a coherent and quality-assured customer experience. We can ensure that our platform and what it entails in terms of safety and customisation leads the way on all markets. It also makes us more agile, as we can shorten startup phases, cut time between need recognition and solution, and be more attentive to each market’s surroundings. Simply put: scalability, in the true sense of the word. Add improved automatization and better use of AI to that, and it is clear that one global platform deployed in several locations can pave the way for a more streamlined product development and less operational burden.

What this boils down to is not only improved opportunities to realise market potential, but also a more cost-efficient business. And – of course – a substantially improved customer experience.

Customers – the true winners?

Needless to say, the benefits laid out above holds great value for our processes and way of working. But some of the most significant effects will be visible from the customer’s standpoint. As will become apparent for New Jersey customers now in the days following the launch, the addition of our proprietary Kindred platform makes for a better user interface, improved functionality, and increased ease of use.

Having Kindred’s platform underpin our offering also allows for product and content control, as we get rid of third-party dependencies. We are also improving on security, as the Kindred platform adds security layers pertaining to for instance multi-factor authentication and data encryption, and holds an ISO-27001 certification. For the customer, this translates to better apps, smoother and safer payment solutions and a wider range of games, with more unique features. 

Utilising tech to enhance responsible gambling, across all markets

Kindred has a long history of being a front runner when it comes to utilising tech to improve user experience, as well as reduce errors and optimise workflows. The same mindset has been adopted in our Journey towards Zero, in which our ambition is to make gambling free from harm. With the improved use of AI and automation in the Player Safety-Early Detection System, Kindred’s platform will be better equipped to intervene at an early stage, ultimately resulting in less harmful gambling. This adds to existing technological solutions which have shown great promise, such as detecting and engaging with customers at risk through automated interventions. 

Harmonising a global pipeline

Thinking global and beyond what lies in our direct proximity is part of our DNA. This have been fostered over time through our global pipeline, with over 10,000 yearly releases across markets. It also accentuates the value of a harmonised product, that draws on insights from different markets and builds brand recognition around our best-in-class platform. By adding a new dimension to the scalability of our Kindred Platform – which, by the way, has been developed incrementally over the course of the last 25 years – we get a more refined toolbox to achieve what we set out to do: offer an enjoyable and safe gambling experience that makes us stand out – even in a crowd.


  • Sören Thörnlund
    Chief Technology Officer