Kindred Sportsbook Platform: Building the team

Mon, 12 Jun, 2023

Kindred is extending its award-winning Kindred Racing Platform into a full in-house Sportsbook platform. The platform reflects Kindred's long-term strategy of greater end-to-end control of its product offering and customer experience. The project is on track, and Kindred continues carefully growing the expert team to complete the platform and run it for our customers. So how is the process developing, and what does being part of this journey mean? We contacted our Sportsbook Team, to learn more.

"At Kindred, we're not just a sportsbook, we're a purpose-driven organisation"

How would you describe the culture at the Kindred and Sportsbook team?

At Kindred, you are valued, and everyone trusts each other to deliver. We enjoy what we do, and that shows in our day-to-day operations. We organise many social gatherings and multiple exciting internal sports tournaments and activities in which everyone is free to participate.

We aim to keep our employees engaged by organising these extra incentives, which help create awareness of what is happening in the industry across different departments. We run small betting competitions to big ones with many impressive prizes, such as a sporting trip of a lifetime. The latest winner will enjoy a full VIP package for the Formula 1 Suzuka GP in Japan. Talk about money can't buy experiences!

During big sports events such as the World Cup and Euros, you can expect sensational times when everyone from different nations enjoys the show. There will be good-natured fun across different offices and a lot of cool stuff. There is never a dull moment.

What type of roles are you hiring, and how do they contribute to the final product?

There is a plethora of roles available and upcoming. Everything from traders, risk analysts, compliance managers, commercial relations, product and business development, tech, quant… The list goes on and on!

Are you good at handling incoming customer issues and solving them quickly and efficiently across a complex organisation with good communications? Then a role in Sportsbook Escalation & Excellence would be a perfect fit.

Do you prefer a role which requires analysis of betting data, looking at cause and effect and taking actions to enhance sportsbook margin through trading and risk decisions? Then a role in Performance Management would be the role for you.

Why should a candidate join the team?

It is the ultimate team for anyone who wants to be part of an exhilarating journey that combines the thrill of sports with the cutting-edge world of online betting. Joining a successful and established company with a portfolio of great brands, and a culture centred around our core values of innovation, integrity, and inclusivity, we foster an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and personal growth.

We're passionate about providing a safe and enjoyable betting experience for our customers, ensuring responsible gambling and championing the highest standards of player protection. By joining our team, you'll play a vital role in upholding these values and shaping the industry's future.

As online betting continues to evolve and expand, Kindred offers endless career development and advancement opportunities. We invest in our employees' growth, providing training programs and a supportive environment encouraging professional development.

What do you look for in the ideal candidate?

A few key things we look for in a candidate, with the levels varying depending on the specific role. In general, we could list the following:

Sports Knowledge: A strong sportsbook candidate should have a deep understanding and knowledge of various sports and their betting markets. They should be familiar with different betting types and odds calculations and can analyse sporting events and make informed predictions.

Analytical Skills: Analyzing data, statistics, and trends is crucial for a sportsbook candidate. They should be able to interpret and evaluate information to make sound decisions around everything from offering to performance and product decisions.

Mathematical Aptitude: A strong grasp of mathematical concepts is essential for odds calculation, probability assessment, and risk evaluation.

Communication Skills: Sportsbook candidates should possess strong communication skills, both written and verbal, communicating with suppliers, internal stakeholders, and commercial departments.

Adaptability and Resilience: The sports betting landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving. A strong candidate should be adaptable, able to handle pressure, and comfortable with quick decision-making in a fast-paced environment. 

What does the hiring process look like?

The interview process usually involves multiple stages, including interviews and assessments. The number of interviews can vary but typically includes at least two or three rounds.

The interviews may assess the candidate's sports knowledge, analytical skills, and ability to handle real-time scenarios or hypothetical betting situations. The candidate may be asked to demonstrate their understanding of odds calculation, risk management strategies, or their approach to handling customer inquiries or disputes.

In some cases, a task may be set related to competitive analysis, creating a product rollout strategy, or providing insights into a particular commercial opportunity.

Are you seeking a new challenge in the fast-paced, exciting online betting industry? Now is a perfect time to start. Join our team; apply today!

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