The gambling white paper launched in the UK

Thu, 27 Apr, 2023

The Gambling White Paper, which outlines the new approach to the regulation of online gambling in the UK, was published today by the British Government. The White Paper seeks to review the 2005 Gambling Act – and it proposes several initiatives that will enable operators to continue leveraging technology to ensure that the vast majority of people, who have no issues with their betting, can continue to do so - while ensuring that the small number of players who can develop issues with their gambling receive the support they need.  

White paper will help accelerate Journey towards Zero 

Kindred welcomes the Government’s Gambling White Paper and supports its ambition to update legislation to develop a dynamic regulatory system fit for the digital age. We asked Neil Banbury, General Manager for UK at Kindred Group for his comments in regards of the White Paper, “For several years we have been investing heavily in a targeted data-led approach that provides support for all customers based on their individual circumstances, from the point of registration through to their use of our platforms. The opportunity is to now introduce sensible regulation so we can take further advantage of the sophisticated approach that technology and data offers, which will help us accelerate progress on our Journey Towards Zero”.  

The White Paper proposes several initiatives that will help to strike this balance. Thanks to Kindred’s continued investment in technological advancements, we have already been rolling out a data-led affordability framework and trialing how we can offer different stakes to different types of customers based on their individual circumstances.  

Positive conclusion 

Banbury’s conclusion of the White Paper is broadly positive, “We welcome the measures outlined in the White Paper and support its ambition to update legislation to develop a dynamic regulatory system for gambling that is fit for the digital age. We challenge ourselves daily to do more to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our customers. To be a long-term sustainable business, it is not in our interest to have any of our customers experiencing problems which is why at Kindred we have our Journey Towards Zero ambition, to eventually generate 0% of our revenue from people who exhibit problem behaviours”. 

AI and data can enhance a safer gambling experience 

In the White Paper the Government has put forward several measures – including a stake limit for online slots: £2 for those under 25 years, and £15 for those over 25 years. This is a topic that has been up to debate for a while. It is also something that Kindred has been working on. “Strong controls for younger customers under 25 do make sense and we have already been rolling these out on our platforms. We have also already been trialing offering differing stake options for different customers depending on their affordability profile – so we have been pressing ahead with changes before the release of the White Paper.   

However, serious consideration should be given to how data and AI can effectively offer all types of customers a safer gambling experience that works for them, rather than blanket approaches. A blanket approach poses several risks - set it too high and players who cannot afford it are put at risk. Set it too low and you encourage players who can and want to stake more to go to easily accessible unlicenced platforms. A risk-based dynamic approach, like the one we offer on our platforms, avoids such unintended consequences – and we welcome the Government’s support for such technology to be rolled out across the industry”, says Neil Banbury.

Next steps 

Kindred looks forward to contributing to the White Paper’s next steps and building upon the industry’s efforts over the last few years to strike the right balance between providing an enjoyable experience without compromising player safety. These efforts have been driven by competition in the UK market, which leads to greater consumer choice and drives safety standards. As the White Paper process progresses, Kindred hopes that the Government continues to enhance this work rather than stifle innovation across the industry.  


  • Maria Angell-Dupont
    External Communications Manager