Building Mental Resilience in the Workplace

Thu, 16 May, 2024

As Mental Health Awareness Week is being celebrated in the UK, Rachel Randle-Williams, our Chief HR Officer, shared her insights with EGR. She outlined her perspectives on the primary priorities necessary for fostering a robust organisational culture and attaining business success.

Rachel Randle-Williams, Chief HR Officer at Kindred Group

Fostering Mental Resilience

Mental resilience is paramount for navigating life's challenges, both personal and professional. At Kindred, we prioritise building this resilience to foster a culture of well-being and success.

Embracing Open Dialogue

Our culture encourages open discussions about mental health, creating a supportive environment where employees feel safe to share their struggles and seek help without fear of judgment.

Taking Tangible Action

We've implemented a range of initiatives, from Employee Assistance Programs to mindfulness sessions, to provide tangible support for mental wellness and ensure that every employee feels valued and supported.

Leading with Vulnerability

Leadership sets the tone by prioritising mental health, promoting a culture of honesty, empathy, and connection. This approach cascades throughout the organisation, fostering engagement and resilience at every level.

Driving Business Success

Investing in mental wellness isn't just the right thing to do—it's also a smart business decision. More resilient employees lead to greater engagement and commitment, ultimately driving increased success for the organisation.

Through these efforts, Kindred is not only celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week but also reaffirming our commitment to fostering a workplace where mental health is valued, supported, and prioritised. Together, we're building a resilient workforce that thrives in the face of changes and challenges, and I'm incredibly proud to be part of this journey, says Rachel.

The full interview was published by EGR and can be read here: https://www.egr.global/intel/opinion/kindreds-commitment-to-mental-health-building-mental-resilience-in-the-workplace/


  • Eleanor Chambers
    Internal Communications Manager