Kindred publishes responsible gambling metrics for the Swedish market

Tue, 06 Feb, 2024

Kindred Group (Kindred) joined forces with Swedish operators ATG and Svenska Spel in Autum 2022, where the three operators decided to jointly publish key metrics for their work with Swedish customers who show signs of problematic gambling behaviours. The cooperation aims to increase public awareness and contribute to a fact-based dialogue about what is done to reduce gambling harm.  

Reported every six months to the Swedish Gambling Authority, are metrics such as: 

  • The percentage of customers who are contacted as a result of problematic gambling (of the total number of active customers) 
  • The effect of proactive contacts (share of customers who reduce their gambling) 
  • How much have these individuals reduced their gambling on average 
  • The share of contacted customers who choose to self-exclude themselves from gambling at the operators less than six months and six months and longer

The purpose of reporting openly on these key metrics is to make it easier for Swedish stakeholders to follow and understand how the three operators work to counteract harmful gambling with the help of regulation, technology, research and human contact. A more fact-based and open dialogue increases trust in our industry and makes other operators more inclined to follow suit. 

Comparing Kindred’s latest report, covering the second half of 2023, to the previous report, that the percentage of contacted customers who reduced their gambling as an effect of proactive contacts has risen to 78.19 percent in comparison to 75.09 percent for the first half of 2023. This is a testament to collective efforts across the whole company. A similar trend is shown in Kindred’s Journey towards Zero numbers presented earlier this week. 

You can find the key metrics for ATG here and for Svenska Spel here.

Kindred, through its flagship brand Unibet, also works closely with the Swedish Professional Football Leagues (SEF) and the treatment centre Spelfriheten to educate football players and staff on harmful gambling but also to find the common grounds where we can make the best use of the expertise that each stakeholder contributes with. 


  • Maria Angell-Dupont
    External Communications Manager

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