Kindred takes center stage at RG seminar in the Swedish Parliament

Fri, 12 Apr, 2024

On April 11, 2024, the Moderate Party of the Swedish Parliament hosted a seminar on stakeholder collaboration and how it can boost consumer protection in the gambling market. The seminar, a follow-up on a previously held workshop at Kindred’s Stockholm office, gathered thought leaders from sports, gambling, treatment centers and other key interests to showcase and discuss responsible gambling. The setting of the seminar highlighted the importance of these discussions and the need to address challenges collaboratively.

Collaboration at the core

The event began with Carl Nordblom, seminar host and Member of Parliament for the Moderate Party, providing an overview of the Swedish license market, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of the issues. The seminar featured a significant collaboration between Svensk Elitfotboll (SEF), Unibet, and Spelfriheten, a gambling treatment centre, aiming to address harmful gambling both proactively and reactively within professional football. This partnership exemplifies a type of collaboration needed to further gambling as a trusted source of entertainment that contributes positively to society.

Panel discussion

A panel composed of Anders Falk, Country Manager, Unibet; Anders Wikström, League Integrity Officer, SEF; Allan Erdman, Communications manager, Spelfriheten, and Maria Wennerberg-Sedigh, CEO of the trade association Sper, shared broader insights into various collaborative efforts made to create a safer gambling environment. The discussions focused on:

  • Educational Initiatives – within the Unibet-SEF-Spelfriheten collaboration, efforts have been made to educate athletes and coaches about gambling risks, involving policy development and direct engagement.
  • Results and Progress – the panel highlighted the positive outcomes of their respective initiatives, such as increased awareness and improved support for those affected.
  • Future Directions – the potential to extend educational programs to younger athletes and other sports beyond football were discussed, aiming to broaden the impact of these kinds of educational and preventative measures.

Impactful moments

One standout moment shared during the seminar involved a professional athlete who sought help straight after an educational session, demonstrating the immediate impact of the initiative. This anecdote emphasised the practical benefits of the educational sessions that have so far been conducted in 28 of the 32 clubs in the SEF leagues.


The panel discussion, and the following Q&A session, reinforced the importance of legislative and regulatory support to encourage gambling companies, their sponsor partners and other concerned stakeholders to further engage in collaborative efforts.


The seminar at the Swedish Parliament was not just about discussing the challenges but also celebrating the strides made in addressing harmful gambling within the gambling and sports industries. It showcased the power of collaboration and the significant role of government and legislative bodies in understanding and supporting these efforts.

As the five-year-old Swedish license market evolves, the significance of continued stakeholder dialogue, knowledge sharing, and voluntary collaborations remains clear.

They are crucial for advancing sustainable solutions in the gambling industry, pushing for a future where responsible gambling is a shared responsibility amongst all concerned stakeholders.

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  • Pär Nygårds
    Head of Corporate Affairs Sweden