Women in Tech 2024: Connect, Create, Innovate

Thu, 18 Apr, 2024

A day of inspiration, connection and empowerment

The energy in the conference hall at Waterfront in Stockholm was palpable as 2,500 women and men networked with sponsors at their stands, interacted with games, competitions and quizzes and attended a host of inspiring presentations and focus sessions. Connect, create and innovate was the theme for this year’s Women in Tech Sweden, and the buzz of engaged chatter and curious conversation filled the conference space.

Kindred Group: A proud co-creating partner for eight years

Kindred Group, a co-creating partner of Women in Tech Sweden for the eighth year in a row, attended the Waterfront location to talk to attendees about our purpose, tech capabilities and brands. The event was held on 17 April and 25 women and men from Kindred's Stockholm office attended to show their support, get inspired and inspire others.

A showcase of diversity and innovation

Women in Tech is the showcase of diversity and innovation for the tech industry in Sweden. The conference brings together women in the technology industry to connect, share experiences, and gain insights from women at all levels of the tech industry. Tickets to attend are highly coveted, with 20,000 people entering the raffle selection for just 2,500 tickets!

Attendees are encouraged to mingle, connect, and assist other women in their tech career endeavours. Those who attended keynote Shaena Harrison Helin’s talk, were encouraged to both be, and find, a networking ‘wing-woman’ amongst the other attendees, to help others break the ice and inspire collaboration through new connections. This sense of comradery and warm curiosity summed up the day.

Head of Player Sustainability Product Management at Kindred, Charlotta Shelbourg, summed up the pull of Women in Tech and told us: “There is a very special feeling every time I go to the women in tech conference, almost a bit magical. I think it stems from a big group of minorities in the workspace coming together and sharing stories. One of the best questions I got was, "What do you do when you feel a bit alone as a female in the workspace?" I felt almost a bit too 'poster-girl' by saying that I don't have that problem at Kindred, with the teams I'm closest with, its 50/50 or even more women. 

Having said that I know the situation from previous companies, and in all honesty, it is tough and that is why having these events are so important, meeting, sharing stories, empowering each other and thus fostering a future with more diversity in the industry.”

Engaging with the partner companies

As a co-creating partner, Kindred has an exhibition booth at the event, where our employees can mingle with other attendees and partner companies. The atmosphere was vibrant and collaborative. Kindred showcased a ‘who we are’ video introducing our refreshed values, as well as company purpose and our brands, as well as a Tech video compiled specially for Women in Tech, where several of our women working in tech at Kindred shared their thoughts on their tech careers and working at Kindred.

This year, for the first time, Kindred’s booth also featured an interactive online slots game, created specially by Relax Gaming for the Women in Tech event. The top five winners in the leader board could win prizes such as top-class headphones, which generated a lot of excitement from attendees, whilst also trialling our product and learning more about our entertainment in a fun way.

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Highlights from the day

Kindred Women in Tech General, Prachi Arya told us: “It was a fantastic day at the Women in Tech conference. Our Kindred stall has been buzzing throughout the day, and we have answered countless questions and enjoyed discussions with attendees about our Kindred brands and tech, as well as invigorating discussions with other partner companies and speakers.”

She continued “I think it’s a great platform to see how women are inspiring other women, giving encouragement and to help reduce gender imbalances within tech.”

Testimonies from the day from some of our Kindred delegates:

Sarbpreet Kaur – Engineering Team Lead

“Women in Tech is an extraordinary experience, brimming with inspiration and thought-provoking discussions. Engaging conversations on Responsible AI, Sustainable Technology, and the Importance of Diversity and Representation was enriching. One topic that resonated deeply with me: What is human? Empathy is what makes us human—the profound ability to connect and feel. 

Women in Tech provided an invaluable platform to engage with brilliant minds, and it was a tremendous honour to represent Kindred and share our vision and aspirations. It is a day you look back to for inspiration and look forward to as source of motivation.”

Micha Abad Olsson – People Systems Analyst

"Women in Tech is such an inspirational and uplifting community and always seem to exceed my expectations. The organizers tend to book the most interesting speakers and even if you know nothing about the subject in the beginning, you feel empowered and inspired by the end of the talk. I met so many cool women yesterday and got to learn more about their profession and their journey in the industry. Love it!"

Prerna Choudhary – Performance Engineer

“I am grateful to have been a part of such an amazing event. I loved having our Kindred booth there and talking to other smart people about us. It was truly inspiring to see such a diverse and talented group of women in the same field. Each session was engaging and informative, particularly those focused on AI and its future implications. The discussion on the necessity of regulations for AI was particularly thought-provoking. Moreover, hearing from the Aerospace Engineer who shared her experiences from NASA was incredibly inspiring.”

Nicole Hallerdt – People Advisor

This gathering was a true highlight for me, totally living up to the hype with its endless stream of inspiration, shared wisdom, and passion. It was a joy to engage with SO many individuals who visited the Kindred booth, both learning about who they are, and having the platform to share Kindred’s story and core values. I’m energized and filled with gratitude from such a remarkable day!

Riddhi Doshi – Data Quality Analyst Engineer

“Women in Tech is an incredible opportunity to get inspired and motivated! This was also my first-time volunteering at our Kindred booth, and I was amazed at how people are really interested in what we do and how we do it. It felt amazing to represent our organization and talk to others about it. It was a fun experience, and I was lucky enough to expand my network, meet some new people from the same industry.”

Zena Saade – Senior Information Security Specialist

“I look forward to Women in Tech every single year! Once again, the talks were powerful and insightful and left us all with much to contemplate. What truly left a lasting impression was the courage exhibited by these remarkable women. They not only dared to engage in the dialogue but also to challenge the status quo and were determined to contribute to solutions rather than dwell on problems. As I reflect on the event, I'm reminded that we too can dare to join the conversation, dare to question, and dare to become part of the solution. It's this collective courage that propels us toward a future where the transformative power of technology is harnessed for the betterment of all.”

Gabriela Basurto – Business Analyst

“I find Women in Tech (WIT) to be a powerful way to identify cultural and unconscious bias. Just by hearing other women talk about their challenges and how they turn injustice into courage to change their situation and help others at an early stage is so inspiring and needed in this world. I value that Kindred is a partner supporting WIT and that I can be a part of it by learning and sharing my experience with others.

My top takeaways from Women in Tech were hearing from inspiring role models, becoming aware of the ‘invisible work’ women do and feeling equipped to change the situation, and thinking about my career path over the coming years.”

Dora Sebestyen Jacob – Line Manager

“This was the first time that I have participated in the Women in Tech conference. Since I am very new to the Tech industry, I was looking forward to this event and was curious about the topics that are addressed and the partners who represent themselves. I was eager to hear many inspiring women talking about the future of technology, addressing some concerns that are lingering about AI and talked about successes and in some instances also failures which is not that common and a brave thing to do! I believe that sharing our stories and listening to each other brings us one step further to inclusivity and helps to understand why diversity, in all its forms, are key to success.”


  • Eleanor Chambers
    Internal Communications Manager