Contributing to our communities

We constantly work to equip our communities with the knowledge and resources to build a better future. We do this by stimulating economic growth through innovation, by providing employment opportunities, by paying more taxes through further licensed jurisdictions and by engaging in meaningful partnerships with local and global organisations.

2019 highlights
total tax contribution
reduction in emissions per employee
increase in employees using their extra paid leave to volunteer at a local charity
of our reported CO2 emissions were offset
score with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
amateur clubs supported with shirts through sponsoring La Centrale du Sport

Contributing to our local communities

We want to be an active participant in our local communities and we are committed to giving back to our surroundings through sponsorships, and by sharing our knowledge and experience where we can add value. Our employees are offered three extra paid days of leave per year to work for a local charity, and we aim to continually increase the number of employees who use their days. Employees are free to choose a charity to work with, but we also organise larger collaborations to deliver for example teaching programmes.  Our local market teams and brands undertake a variety of initiatives to support their local community, ranging from funding local sports clubs, commissioning research into areas such as responsible gambling and mental health, sponsoring training programmes to elite sports players and more. 

We are proud to be global Community Partner to the European Football for Development Network (EFDN), a CSR network of more than 70 football clubs that work to change lives through football. 

Contributing to a sustainable economy

As one of the largest gambling operators in the world, we make an important contribution to sustainable economic growth. We generate government revenues through the taxes we pay, and we stimulate economic growth through higher production and a focus on innovation as well as through direct and indirect employment. 

Helping combat climate change

As a company operating solely online, our climate impact mainly comes from energy usage and business travel. While our operations continue to grow, we aim to promote sound greenhouse gas reduction practices and environmental awareness in our business. We calculate and report our Group's annual CO2e emissions. Our objective is to continue to reduce our emissions per employee and we have an ambition to procure 100% of our electricity from renewable sources of energy by 2023. 

Sustainability goals

Long-term ambition by 2023: equip the communities in which we operate with the knowledge and resources to build a better future

Next steps for 2020

  • Continue to engage with our local communities through social activation of our sport sponsorships in all sponsorship agreements.
  • Implement an action plan to increase our proportion of renewable energy, towards our 2023 target of 100 % renewable power.
  • Ensure partnership with EFDN is integrated in existing sports sponsorships to increase the sharing of knowledge and experience between partners.
  • Increase the number of employees who use their sustainability days by 50%.

Read more about our approach to Responsible Gambling in our annual Sustainability Report.


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