Maintaining integrity

We are dedicated to delivering a safe and secure platform where people can enjoy our gambling products. We want our customers to experience a rewarding journey through our digital gambling platform. A crucial part of this is to provide the required levels of system and data security as well as a trustworthy gambling product. Maintaining integrity means ensuring that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, free from betting-related corruption. That is why our ambition is to always behave with integrity and fairness in everything we do, to retain the trust of our customers, the regulators and society.

2019 highlights
vulnerabilities identified, resolved and remediated
of our customers believe that Kindred brands offer a trustworthy gambling experience
transactions on average per day
sports betting events reported as suspicious
customers proactively protected from data integrity abuse
certified Privacy Champions

Trusting the honesty of sports

We see match-fixing as a threat to society as a whole. Sport is the largest global entertainment industry and billions of people around the world enjoy it. The popularity of sport and competition is driven by the unpredictable nature of the outcome, always knowing that there is a chance of being part of the unexpected and seeing the unbelievable twists and turns of a great match. Taking the unpredictability away by fixing the outcome of an event puts the nature of sport in jeopardy. It is therefore imperative for Kindred to contribute to the fight against match-fixing.

Kindred monitors all placed bets and continuously collects information and knowledge to develop intelligence about potentially corrupt betting activity. We act side by side with stakeholders such as local authorities, policy makers, cyber security, law enforcement agencies and sports federations to eliminate attempts to pollute sport with criminal activity. As a provider of sports betting, our contribution lies in performing thorough ID-controls of customers and monitoring every deposit, withdrawal and game.

In June 2020, Kindred and EFDN launched the anti-match fixing programme Fair Sport 4 All.

Trusting our cyber security

We operate on a proprietary technical platform giving us the flexibility, scalability and stability necessary to continue to grow as a business. Our platform handles an average of 35 million transactions daily, making cyber security one of our top priority areas. As a gambling operator holding financial funds for our customers, we always strive to have the highest standards of security in place and we work proactively to protect our customers from having their accounts compromised or suffering any other data integrity abuse. 

Sustainability goals

Long-term ambition by 2023: always behave with integrity and fairness in everything we do to gain the trust of our customers, the regulators and society as a whole

Next steps for 2020

  • Enhance our data governance framework to further improve data management processes.
  • Continued roll-out of our internal Privacy Champion programme which enables employees to become certified in the field of data protection and privacy so they can act as experts in their specific business area with the support of the DPO.
  • Develop and implement a collaborative anti-match fixing programme targeted at EFDN member clubs.
  • Continue to develop and further improve our internal defensive capabilities to be an accredited member of a recognised CSIRT community by 2021.
  • Implement significant verification deliveries, towards a zero trust concept where no system, service or user operating from within the traditional perimeter is automatically trusted.

Read more about our work to maintain integrity in our annual Sustainability Report.


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