Maintaining integrity

Since 1997, Kindred has delivered a safe and secure platform where our customers can enjoy our gambling products. We want our customers to enjoy a rewarding journey through our digital entertainment platform and part of this is to provide the required levels of system and data security, and a trustworthy gambling product.

Product Transparency

The world of online casino gambling is sometimes questioned in terms of fairness, integrity and accuracy. Compared to sports betting, for example, most outcomes depend on a random number generator that is not visible by the consumers. Being able to demonstrate trust and to assure the consumers that the games are fair is of the utmost importance.

Fighting match-fixing

Match-fixing is a threat to our industry, not only because of short-term losses due to customers having inside information, but because if people lose faith in the honesty of a sport event, they will lose interest in our betting product. It is therefore imperative for Kindred to contribute to the fight against match-fixing.

We believe that cooperation is key in this and therefore we enter a range of cooperations, some of which can be seen below:

  • In 2005, Kindred co-founded ESSA (Sports Betting Integrity), a non-profit organisation with 27 members operating in retail and online gambling. ESSA serves as an early warning system with the aim of detecting and deterring manipulation of sporting events.

A customer opens a personal account at a regulated betting operator and places a bet


The regulated operator monitors all transactions 24/7 and has a 100% audit trail of who bets on what


If an operator detects an irregular bet, an ESSA alert is created which is shared with all members


All members analyse the bets they accept and if they spot irregular betting patterns, they report them to ESSA.


If the irregular betting pattern is deemed suspicious, ESSA reports it to sports bodies and regulators


Sports bodies and gambling regulators can then take the necessary action

Cooperating to drive change

Kindred has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Rugby Football Union, the national governing body for grassroots and elite rugby in England. Under this MoU we will cooperate with these organisations on keeping sports free of betting-related match-fixing.

Kindred was the first private operator to sign a MoU with AntiDoping Danmark, the secretariat of the Danish national platform which serves as a central intelligence and coordination hub in the fight against match-fixing.

We provide on-going support and engagement with athletic associations, directly or indirectly via ESSA funded Protect Integrity.

Cyber Security and data integrity

We operate on a proprietary state of the art technical platform giving us the flexibility, scalability and stability necessary to continue to grow as a business. The platform handles billions of transactions per year making cybersecurity one of our top priority areas. As a digital company holding financial funds for our customers, we have the highest standards of security in place. We constantly adopt best in class controls and tools and further innovate through new and emerging technologies to ensure we maintain the highest security levels.

Kindred ensures cyber resilience against DDOS attack through heavy investment in infrastructure and best in class upstream protection partners to offset DDOS loads. Over the past two years, Kindred’s resilience and capacity to withstand DDOS attacks has increased over a hundred-fold.

Kindred works proactively to protect customers from having their accounts compromised, or suffering any other sort of data integrity abuse. The most common method for this occurring is the “credential reuse attack” whereby other companies suffer a leak of their customer usernames and passwords which are obtained by malicious actors who attempt to reuse these credentials against new targets. Through the development of a proprietary detective capability known as PAF (password audit framework) Kindred has been able to proactively protect around 471,000 customers from this form of attack in 2018.


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