Let’s Accelerate! – Kindred graduate program launched

Accelerate program 2019 graduates
Thu, 12 Sep, 2019

In the beginning of September, Kindred Group saw the first batch of new Accelerate program graduates join the company. The Accelerate graduate program is an excellent way of bringing fresh and new talent into the company to ensure scalable and sustainable growth.

The goal of the Kindred Accelerate program is to ultimately create a scalable way to introduce new junior talent to the company as well as strengthening our employer brand. We see talent as a critical success factor and have the ambition to be the employer of choice for young engineers in Stockholm. The program lasts for six months where the graduates will work full-time in different teams with the support from their Kindred mentors, in addition to working together as graduates in various projects. The program kicks off with a two-week boot camp designed to accelerate (pun intented) their start at Kindred. The graduates will learn about our culture and values as well as our business, our products, how we work and how we achieve success. They will take part in several tailored learning modules designed to help them develop their skills. The knowledge learned at boot camp is a great foundation for their future at Kindred.  

Introducing our future talent and promoting diversity

The Accelerate graduate program contributes to our long-term recruitment ambition to scale up our workforce to meet our growth strategy and targets. But it is also a practical way for a junior engineer to enter a big company like Kindred since the advanced level of technology we deploy can be difficult to understand without proper induction. By bringing in graduates, we get an excellent opportunity to train the best junior talent and develop them in line with our vision and values before they get the chance to become a permanent part of the team.

Another great aspect is how age diversity positively influence our culture. By having this structured way of introducing junior engineers it enables us to hire people with new and fresh ideas, lateral thinking and contemporary knowledge from the academic world. This is an excellent complement to the senior tech workforce who has the knowledge about the business, the technical platform and the vision it builds on.

The journey to become a Kindred Spirit

In the beginning of September, 12 eager candidates waited in the Kindred reception to begin their exciting, new adventure. Apart from most of them being amazed by our new Stockholm office, located right at the heart of the Swedish capital, the drive and anticipation of getting started was unanimous.

– I want to develop and grow myself and I'm looking forward to getting my career started. This seems like a great place to do that, says Alexander Dushku who joined the program to work with technical infrastructure.

His graduate colleague Erica Boberg, joining as a front-end software engineer, agrees.

– Everything here feels very professional. The structure of the program seems very thought through, the schedule seems very planned and I really look forward to starting in my team!

Delwende Eliane Birba joined the graduate program as a software engineer and is planning to put her new skills to the test.

– I come from a data science background, but I'm here as a software engineer and I want to build up my knowledge in Java. My hopes are to be able to present a product I made during this graduate program. I’m also hoping to be involved in the new initiatives that we're starting here.