Security always comes first; we're ISO27001 certified

Mon, 18 Nov, 2019

At Kindred we work to deliver a safe and secure platform where our customers can enjoy our gambling products. We want our customers to experience a rewarding journey through our digital gambling platform and part of this is to provide the required levels of system and data security. We operate on a proprietary technical platform which allows us the flexibility, scalability and stability necessary to continue to grow. Our platform handles billions of transactions every year, and cybersecurity is one of the top priority areas in our sustainability framework. Therefore, we continually seek out the highest standards for our systems. In summer 2019, Kindred received the ISO27001 certification, one of our sustainability commitments for 2019 and a testament to our commitment of ensuring a safe and secure platform for our customers.

Proving our commitment

ISO27001 is a family of international standards that helps organisations keep their information assets secure and it is the most well-known and recognized standard focusing on information security across the world. Our certified information security management system ensures that Kindred Group are operating under a single set of governing security policies, procedures and guidelines.

As an online gambling group with operations spanning across the globe, we seek to differentiate ourselves by delivering a safe and secure technical platform following the highest standards for information security for all our customers. We deal with sensitive player information and we wanted to independently verify that our business processes are aligned with best practises. By achieving the certification, Kindred has shown its commitment to the protection and security of customer data and proved that we have all the necessary controls in place to ensure that this strict standard is implemented across technology, people and processes.

Our ambition

It is our ambition to always behave with integrity and fairness in everything we do to gain trust by our customers, the regulators and society as a whole, and we will continue to seek to adhere to the highest international standards for our systems and processes. We are always working on a range of projects and investments to protect our critical assets. On our sustainability pages you can read more about how we work to ensure a resilient gambling platform.