Unibet launch 30/30 Fund with Henrik Lundqvist

Fri, 01 Mar, 2019

On 25th January, Unibet Sweden announced a new brand ambassador with Henrik Lundqvist, one of the world´s greatest goalkeepers in ice hockey. Henrik is still active and plays for the New York Rangers in the National Hockey League (NHL) in the US.

Henrik has won gold in the Olympics, gold in the Swedish Hockey League and holds a number of individual trophies and records in both Sweden and the US. He is a greatly respected person with very humble and sound values, always showcasing good great sportsmanship – friendly, passionate and expert!

30 teams to receive 30.000 SEK

The ambassadorship will be launched through a CSR project called “The 30/30 Fund”, which is a joint project between Henrik and Unibet. Together, we will give 30 Swedish sports clubs and associations 30.000 SEK each (roughly 3.000 EUR) every year. The campaign will be communicated through all our normal advertisement channels, with a high focus on TV commercial in the initial stage. Trough the campaign website www.3030.se, anyone can nominate sports clubs or associations they think deserve a financial contribution. The nomination should include a motivation which describes how the club is working for equality, fair play and great sportsmanship. The fund is co-funded between Henrik and Unibet, who will equally contribute 450.000 SEK every year. The initiative is a central part of Unibet Sweden's strategy to encourage and support positive change in the sports community and Swedish society as a whole. The ambassadorship and the 30/30 foundation are contracted to last at least three years, meaning that we will grant 90 different sports clubs and associations 30.000 SEK each, and 2.7 million SEK in total.

Our commitment to supporting the Swedish society   

On 1st January 2019, Sweden became a regulated market in the gambling industry. Kindred Group, with its 11 brands, was one of the first companies who was granted a licence by the government. This enables us to increase our efforts when it comes to sports initiatives, both within the elite sector and the, equally important, grassroot section.

The ambassadorship with Henrik Lundqvist and our sponsorship of Sweden’s top football leagues, Allsvenskan and Superettan, really shows the ambition of our efforts in the newly regulated market. Alongside the 30/30 fund, we will continue to put the grassroot sports in focus through our long-lasting projects “Årets Fan” that nominates the best sports fan and personality within sport associations, and “Unibet 2:an” that nominates the best players in Swedish football division 2. For those two projects we have Glenn Hysén and Robin Söderling as ambassadors. They are great representatives for the cause, as they both have been dependent on a well-functioning grassroot force, before reaching the elite.

We are very proud to have all these initiatives running. We are only two months into the regulated market and will continue to work for a better and more sustainable future, both within the sports sector as well as our society.


  • Anders Falk
    Strategic Sponsorship & PR Manager