Collaborate to Innovate

Fri, 28 Aug, 2020

Once again, Kindred will host the Sustainable Gambling Conference (SGC) for the fifth year running. The conference will take place on the 21 October and will be hosted online this year. Since 2016, Kindred has brought together leading experts from within and outside the online gambling industry, to shine a light on some of the key challenges and opportunities the industry faces. You can secure your digital ticket here

Following on from last year’s theme of Building Relevance, this year will focus on how the online gambling industry can take advantage of technological advancements to build a more sustainable industry. We have invited leading experts and stakeholders to discuss how the industry can use new technology and innovation to further evolve towards a more sustainable industry.   

To understand more about this year’s conference ‘Collaborate to Innovate’, we spoke to Kindred’s Sustainability Manager, Anna Jein.  

Why does Kindred host the SGC? 

We have hosted this conference since 2016 and have found that it’s a great way to connect people from across the industry, as well as key stakeholders from outside the industry, to discuss how we can secure a sustainable gambling industry long-term. The main focus is on encouraging more transparency and collaboration. 

What has the outcome of last year’s conference been? 

Last year, we discussed how the industry can build more relevance in society. On the day, some of the key takeaways related to how the industry can improve their relevance and value in the wider community through partnerships. 

Since the conference in 2019, Kindred focused largely on building relationships and partnerships to ensure we share our knowledge and resources with our communities. Four months after the conference, we entered a global partnership, becoming the first commercial Community Partner to the European Football for Development Network. Through this partnership, we can reach a broad network of football clubs with our insights. Our first step was the launch of Fair Sport 4 All, our anti-match fixing programme.

How does this year’s conference differ from last year’s? 

This year is different. Due to Covid-19, we moved the conference to a digital platform. Postponing the SGC wasn’t an option for us, as we wanted to keep the conversation going. Hosting the conference online means a shorter agenda, but we also need to think of new ways of sharing as much relevant content as possible, while engaging the audience in a conversation.

Why did you choose Collaborate to Innovate as a theme? 

Internally at Kindred, we put great effort into identifying upcoming trends and technological advancements that can support us in reaching our sustainability ambitions. We constantly explore potential developments and new partners. We realised that this conference is a great place to discuss topics more broadly across the industry. We have invited a range of experts, researchers, organisations and suppliers who can share their learnings on how the industry can not only adjust to the new technological developments but also take full advantage of them in building better consumer protection, stronger fraud prevention and more integrity into platform and product.  

What does the industry think of the conference? 

From our post-conference survey, we find that conference attendees really appreciate the opportunity to meet others from across the industry to discuss relevant topics. Over the years, the conference has become a recurring meeting point for a range of industry folk and we are happy to see many people return again year after year. 

What do you hope the outcome of this year’s conference will be? 

I hope that this year’s conference will inspire people to find new solutions and partnerships to evolve our industry towards a more sustainable future. I think it’s important that we continue to test and trial new things and look for innovative ways to solve our challenges. Ultimately, I hope we can spark new collaborations and partnerships and bring the industry closer together! 

Don’t forget to sign up for this year’s conference on www.sustainablegambling.com.