HexaBingo - The New Face of Bingo

Thu, 20 Aug, 2020

Even though bingo is a game with a long history, not a lot has changed for regular bingo players over the years. We learned in global markets where we have operated for 20+ years, that customer experience must be at the core of everything we do. Having listened to the customers’ feedback and their input on traditional bingo, Kindred´s gaming department, together with the software provider Relax Gaming, developed a new, unique game, HexaBingo. We sat down with Maja Carlberg, Head of Bingo so she could give us some insight on what makes HexaBingo unique.

Maja, why the need for a new bingo game?

We take pride in listening to our customers and it was important for us to address the less enjoyable parts of the traditional game while enhancing the elements of bingo we know players love. We set out to create something different and exciting that was not totally distanced from what players recognise as bingo.

What were the elements that were considered less enjoyable?

One problem with traditional bingo is that games are scheduled for a fixed time which doesn't always work around a modern, busy life. Players want to play at a time that suits them best, but still have a chance of a big prize outside peak hours.

The most common perception in bingo is that it is hard to win; some players have more tickets meaning they win more often, and more quickly, than those who do not want to spend as much per game.

And how did you solve this?

We found the best way to address these problems was to reduce the number of players and introduce a prize generator to make sure there was still the chance of a significant prize. A large potential prize for a small stake is primary for regular bingo players, so a pre-game random number generator lands on a game prize that could be anywhere from 2x-1000x the initial stake.

We allow a maximum of three players with one ticket each and added a unique feature making it is possible to see the other players’ tickets. This way you know exactly what number they are waiting for to get the win. The game graphics have been specifically designed with the understanding of how important the 1-to-go moment is to bingo players.

Lastly, we found inspiration from poker and created a true ‘on demand’ version of bingo where a game round starts as soon as three players have signed up. Being only a 27-ball game with a win on the first horizontal line – the excitement starts from the first drawn ball.

On top of all this what is it that makes HexaBingo unique?

To start with, this game is only available on our Kindred brands! But HexaBingo keeps the peer-to-peer purity that is at the heart of bingo, and offers the chance to win big, whilst still playing in a truly equal-chance environment. This is not a casino version of bingo, there is a maximum of three players per game round, and as soon as that prize is generated, it is guaranteed that one of those three players will win that cash. The modern game interface and special sound effects further enhance the one-to-go feeling and it’s not just the potential prizes and game transparency that are attractive, the whole process of playing is an experience.