Kindred’s contribution to a corruption-free betting industry

Thu, 02 Jul, 2020

At Kindred, we are dedicated to delivering a safe and secure platform where our customers can enjoy our gambling products. A big part of this is to ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, free from betting-related corruption. Kindred are proud members of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), which we co-founded in 2005. Today IBIA has 50 members and the organisation is a crucial player in the industry. IBIA is a non-profit integrity body of the regulated betting industry and reports aggregated findings on suspicious betting events to regulators and sports governing bodies.

As a digital company, we of course monitor all placed bets and continuously collect information and knowledge to develop intelligence about potentially corrupt betting intelligence. On top of this, we work to integrate integrity elements into all our sports sponsorships and to contribute to the fight against match-fixing where we can. That’s why we launched the Fair Sport 4 All programme in collaboration with the European Football for Development Network (EFDN) early in June, and why we continue to seek collaborations in this area.

Therefore, we are extremely pleased that IBIA invited us to take part in their recent initiative, the Ask the Operators Podcast, where they talk sports betting with a variety of betting experts. This week, our Sustainability Manager Anna Jein, spoke to IBIA Senior Public Affairs Manager Silvia Paleari, about Kindred’s sustainability framework and projects. Next week, our Swedish Country Manager Per Carlander will dive into one specific project on integrity.

You can listen to the podcast here.