Mika Häkkinen leads new Unibet campaign on responsible gambling

Fri, 12 Jun, 2020

Two-time Formula One World Champion is the newest sports personality in Unibet’s global campaign on responsible gambling. The main theme of the new initiative is Stay in Control. 

Highlighting responsibility has always been an integral part of Mika Häkkinen’s brand collaborations.

“Responsible gambling is a very important global trend. In my role as a Unibet brand ambassador, I want to support Unibet customers by growing their awareness of different responsible gambling tools,” Häkkinen says. 

To launch the new campaign, Unibet has created a video where Häkkinen talks about his famous takeover of Michael Schumacher in the Belgian Grand Prix of 2000. The takeover has been touted as the greatest manoeuvre in F1 history, and all Formula One fans know what you are talking about if you refer to Häkkinen vs Schumacher in Spa.  

“In Formula One, I always pushed it to the limit, but a driver needs to know his boundaries; you need to know when to stop, to stay in control. The same applies to gambling. I want to tell customers relatable stories of decision-making and risk analysis in stressful situations. On my part, I hope that this know-how supports people in the gambling responsibly,” Häkkinen describes.

A beloved sports character with a global reach

Unibet has been a strong advocate of responsible gambling throughout its history. Brand ambassadors play an important role in this important work. 

“We, at Unibet, strongly believe that long-lasting customer relationships need to be based on healthy gambling behaviour. To ensure that we offer up-to-date information, support and the best responsible gambling tools in the industry to our customers. We want to communicate these things in a manner that is easily understandable to our customers and known sports stars such as Mika Häkkinen and our newest addition Jari Litmanen play a very important role in that,” says Antti Tikka, GM Finland, Kindred Group.

Unibet has worked with Häkkinen for some years now and responsibility has been the main theme since the beginning of the collaboration. 

“All our brand ambassadors need to represent the same values as we do as a company. Mika Häkkinen is a global superstar who worked with several world-class brands during and after his career, and many of those collaborations dealt with responsibility in one way or another.

The fact that Formula One is a huge sport with fans all over the world is an important factor.

“Through the cooperation with Mika, we reach a global audience through a very credible and beloved sports character,” Tikka adds. 

Tools for better decision-making 

Gambling industry regulation is taking big leaps forward all around the world, and responsibility is at the heart of it all. Unibet wants to discuss these topics openly, and work with people like Häkkinen to lead the way for the whole industry. 

“During his career, Mika was known for being super analytical in everything he did. This applied to his physical and mental preparation, knowledge about cars, tracks and competitors, as well as his decision-making during races. He wanted to have all the available information before making decisions. This is exactly the type of approach we want to educate our customers on when it comes to our responsible gambling tools.

Unibet’s responsible gambling tools help customers in recognising their player profile, controlling their risks and spending, as well as limiting their gambling activities when needed, among other things. 

“Creating a digital fingerprint of our customers’ behaviour allows us to detect, monitor and follow-up on problematic gambling activities, which is a big part of building a safe gambling environment for our customers,” Tikka concludes. 

More information about different responsible gambling tools can be found here.