Alexia Frendo appointed as an MEA council member

Thu, 24 Jun, 2021

Alexia Frendo, Kindred’s Global HR Business Partner with 15 years of industry experience has recently been appointed as a co-opted Council Member for the Malta Employers Association (MEA) for the year 2021 -2023. This is a valuable recognition of the sector, which is ultimately one of the country’s leading employers and will certainly pave the way for better and more fruitful interaction, both within the industry, as well as with other leading organisations.

Congratulations on your nomination Alexia! As a common sports journalist question – how does it feel?

I am humbled that my peers from HR Connect have nominated me to be part of the MEA group, it means a lot. Not only on a personal level but also for our industry. It is definitely a tool to help the industry be part of important conversations, such as talent and skill gaps. It will allow us to be at the forefront and impact important decision-making through our feedback, as well as collaborate with other professionals outside our industry.

What exactly does it mean to be a co-opted Council Member for the Malta Employers Association?

A co-opted member can fully participate in all aspects of council proceedings. The only difference is that they have no voting rights. The MEA council only takes a vote during council under exceptional circumstances. 

This appointment is an extraordinary first for HR Connect, and for the iGaming industry. Why now?

This is such a valuable recognition of the sector, which is ultimately one of the country’s leading employers. This will certainly pave the way for better, and more fruitful interaction, both within the industry and with other leading organisations. MEA never had a Gaming Representative within the council and I think now is a crucial time for this, given the local importance and contribution of our industry.

How did this appointment happen and what does this mean for the industry?

HR Connect members nominated me to the Malta Employers Association board. Within the HR Connect group, we value cooperation and I think that this nomination has shown the high cohesiveness we have as a team. With this, we now have an iGaming representative for the first time in MEA.

The Malta Employers Association is Malta’s leading organisation, which primarily endeavours to regulate the relations between employers, workers and trade unions. This therefore decisively influences the formation of policies at the national level. Having a seat at the MEA Council will give us further insight and give us the opportunity to discuss any white paper, any processes that need altering, and also raise awareness on current and important topics. 

Why do you think your name came up?

I was upfront about my interest in being an MEA council member. Last year, I had just resigned from being an HR Member within the Chambers of Commerce. I think it is important to stay in touch with professionals from other industries and this nomination will give me the opportunity to do so.

Are there any specific topics to raise with the MEA?

Skill gap, gender pay gap, well-being in the workplace and employment issues based on amended legislation are some topics that I think will be discussed in our meetings. 

And lastly, from your time in the iGaming sector, which experiences are the most beneficial for this role?

Having extensive experience in the HR field, coupled with the exposure I had in different local bodies, I believe I can make a good contribution to the council. Gaming has always been at the forefront and somehow, set certain standards within the workplace that benefited both, employers and employees.

I firmly believe in knowledge-sharing and I am looking forward to sharing best practices and learn from my colleagues at the MEA Council.