Kindred launches BetShare, a bet sharing tool for Unibet

Fri, 11 Jun, 2021

Creating a sense of community on social media and customer engagement have become a stronghold for our Unibet brand to tap into. Our players are increasingly looking to share experiences and bets in our ever-expanding digital landscape. Unibet has been working with a bet sharing tool in France for the last few years, with much success. This has now been re-developed and re-designed to fit Unibet in our markets outside France.

The advantage of our players becoming content creators has become a fascinating topic of discussion at Kindred. Creating value with our players in comparison to the value creation process going one way. It is with this overarching sentiment that Unibet is releasing an innovative bet slip sharing tool, called BetShare.

Unibet is the first major sports betting brand to bring a fully fleshed sharing tool to market - a product differentiator. The product has a mobile-first approach and will be launched in the majority of our Unibet markets ahead of the Euros. In addition, the product assists in providing new marketing opportunities, particularly in markets with increased regulation.

BetShare is a tool that allows players to customise the look and feel of their bet slip with the purpose to share on social media. For now, it can be found in the Sports My Bets section, with plans to further improve accessibility in the not too distant future. There are also no restrictions in place regarding the type of bets that can be shared (e.g. open, settled, cashed out bets). Within the tool, players will have access to four customisation features: Backgrounds, Emojis, Text and Paint.

The Background feature allows players to select and choose from up to 8 different background visuals. On top of that, we’ve developed our own suite of emojis that players can add to give the bet slip a lighter touch. Text can be used to add written language and punters can scribble and highlight with Paint.

The product has been built from the top-down, allowing each and every one of our markets to localise the tool as they see fit. For example, in Sweden, the backgrounds will look different to those in Belgium.

At Kindred, we all share a passion for responsible gaming. To strengthen our commitment towards our players, backgrounds will contain RG messaging to ensure players are reminded to gamble responsibly.

The product development journey does not stop here. We are incredibly excited to continue the development process with our players and to ultimately craft a tool that sets Unibet apart. Furthermore, Unibet will start organising campaigns on social media to support players in their journey, improve the sense of community and create a fun environment.

Early numbers and feedback have been overwhelming and we cannot wait to see how this story unfolds.


  • Johannes Nijboer
    Head of Sportsbook Development