Kindred partners with Zafty Intelligence for responsible gambling app

Tue, 15 Jun, 2021

Kindred is committed to zero revenue from harmful gambling by 2023. It’s something that we’re all deeply passionate about – and every team across the Group is committed to playing its part in achieving this important target.

We also need to continue to invest time and resources in ensuring that customers maintain a healthy relationship with gambling. Technology plays a crucial role here, and we are delighted to partner with Zafty and Assissa Consultancy Europe to promote ‘Bettor Time’ to our android customers.

Bettor Time is an app that helps customers stay in control of their gambling by monitoring gambling app usage and alerting users to potentially harmful changes in behaviour. Users have the ability to control their use of all gambling apps from Bettor Time, whilst remaining anonymous.


Users will be able to set their expected use limits of gambling apps, then see their actual usage over time. Users can also block access to apps, set daily timer limits and block out usage of apps during specific times of the week.  

Bettor Time was developed by Zafty Intelligence, a behavioural intelligence company that developed passive technology utilised within the Bettor Time app. Kindred was an early partner in the development of an app that would help our customers stay in control of their gambling activity. 


“For us promoting the Bettor Time App is a given and it is in line with our commitment of zero per cent revenue from harmful gambling by 2023. The technology behind this app with Zafty’s unique machine learning algorithms that take the recorded activity and learn each user’s normal behaviour is very interesting. This app can help users make better-informed decisions about their gambling. We are proud to promote this app and I recommend other operators to follow,” says Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gambling and Research, Kindred Group.

We will continue to develop technology & solutions both in-house and with partners to support healthy gambling behaviour. Increasingly, new technology like machine learning brings more opportunity for customers to stay in control of their gambling & prevent harm from occurring.

For more information about our commitment to zero harm from gambling revenue by 2023, read here