Alchemy 2022: Driving Leadership Development at Kindred

Mon, 26 Sep, 2022

Kindred’s Leadership Development Program, Alchemy, started with select leaders at The Grand Hotel in Brighton last week. As part of the program, our Alchemists experience multiple development tools, including coaching, Action Learning Sets, and a new initiative called Mentoring in the Community. The aim is to build skills as mentors and to support Kindred’s purpose to transform gambling by contributing positively to society.

Colleagues from seven countries around the globe came together to share their insights and develop their leadership skills in the first two modules. Alan Littlefield and Rachel Woolf (Complete Coherence) delivered Module 1 – Leading Inside Out, which explores developing the personal leadership journey in social and emotional intelligence. Module 2 was delivered by Karina Jensen (Global Minds Network) on Leading Global Innovation, where learners explored global innovation and organisational growth.

A few sound bites from our new Alchemists

Barbara Beltrami, Senior Business Intelligence Manager (Denmark, Italy & Estonia), flew in from Italy for the program. Barbara, one of our participants in the program, was already doing a lot in this space and has shared her insights on Mentoring in the Community.

Over the next 12 months

Our Alchemists will continue to work on their development, resulting in a capstone project detailing how their learnings have positively impacted their individual journey, as well as submitting a business proposal to transform the organisation.

We will meet in April 2023, where learners will explore the final two modules - Driving Strategic Execution and Building Inclusive Cultures.

This year's Alchemists also saw 40% female representation across both cohorts, and we are delighted to see this figure rise, year on year, to support our sustainability commitment of gender parity in senior leadership by 2025. We look forward to working with everyone on the program and can see that having diverse voices in the room, positively impacts the learning experience.

Finally, we are pleased to share that The Alchemy Leadership program has achieved Recognition Status from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The CMI is a well-respected organisation that 'recognises managers with exceptional leadership skills.'