Kindred Alchemy: Class of 2021

Fri, 22 Apr, 2022

At Kindred, we believe that investing in employee development is one of the key pillars for our success. Two years ago, we introduced an exciting new Leadership Development Program called Alchemy, which is one of many learning interventions designed to prepare our leaders for the future. 

Kindred is committed to empowering our leaders through knowledge, experience, and opportunity. The content of the program evolves to reflect our ever-changing world and dynamic workplace. Using the vertical leadership methodology, our Alchemists worked through a series of modules and peer coaching sets, as well as one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions. They have heard and learnt from world-leading experts on building self-awareness, global innovation, strategic execution and building inclusive cultures.

To end the program, this year’s cohort (the Alchemists) met in Brighton, UK (and/or online) to complete the final module. This was our first fully hybrid learning event and the aim was to create an inclusive learning environment. The enthusiasm from all involved brought energy which elevated the experience, and we are delighted to say that all participants felt that this goal was achieved.

Kindred Alchemy class of 2021 celebrating their success

“We want to thank everyone who has supported this programme and of course, our Alchemists, for creating a fantastic and supportive experience for their fellow delegates,” says Suzi Read, Talent Development Director at Kindred Group. “Special thanks go to our collaborators, who we have worked with over the past 18 months and who rose to the challenge of making this event work remotely, in-person and in a hybrid manner.”

We are excited to see what our Alumni achieve and are looking forward to welcoming our new cohort of Alchemists for 2022!