Halfway through the programming course with NU:Nolla Utanförskapet

Wed, 09 Mar, 2022

Kindred group believe in being an active participant in the local communities in which we operate, as defined in our Sustainability strategy. We actively encourage our employees to do three days of charity work every year to support a cause they care for.

In Stockholm, we continue our collaboration with NU:Nolla Utanförskapet and the programming course. NU:Nolla Utanförskapet is an organisation that works with young people from segregated and deprived neighbourhoods around Stockholm.

The course takes place at Kindred’s office in central Stockholm, all 12 participants of which mainly reside in suburbs deemed as socially vulnerable. The young adults will learn programming development, testing and database building. They will also receive guidelines for how to write a CV and how to best present their competencies. The course concludes with the creation of a work sample, and a demonstration of the work in front of their fellow participants and tutors.

We caught up with Elena Insheva, a Software Engineer at Kindred who is also one of the tutors on the course:

Elena, could you please tell us a little bit about the course? What do the participants learn, their level of knowledge?

The goal of this course is more important than the knowledge itself, I believe. We are trying to teach the participants to write code as professionals, to think like programmers, to search as the best researchers, collaborate like a real team, analyze each and every thought they have and every step they do. All of the above will hopefully give them a great push and level up their skills that they can apply everywhere in life, not only in programming.

Why did you choose to devote your time and take part in this programming course as a tutor?

For me, it’s personal.  A long time ago I was dreaming to get help with my life situation when I still lived in Ukraine - a little bit of help or a hint of what life path to choose. Unfortunately, nobody was there for me and my daughter, so I know how it feels to be in need. What I am doing for the Nolla-kids, I am doing from the bottom of my heart, with the hope that it will make a difference and it will change their lives.

Elena, we learned that many of the tutors find it extremely rewarding teaching the students. What makes this project so special?

I’ve read a couple of psychology books and there seems to be a type of people who really feel a need to help, to feel valuable, to feel helpful. In the case of NU:Nolla Utanförskapet, the most important thing is the kids and the available resources like volunteer tutors from Kindred, who can bring real value and help them.

What are the hardest and the best parts about being in an engaging project like this?

The hard part, I believe, is the lack of time. The best part is the final result; to see the kids motivated, with a bit more self-confidence and with eyes full of hope for their future. At least for me, it would be the best reward.

Thank you so much Elena for taking your time, but before we let you back into the classroom, we just have one last question for you.

 If you were to give one piece of advice to the students – what would that be?

Everything is possible…never give up!