Payment solutions at Kindred: Continuous Development of Partnerships

Wed, 23 Nov, 2022

Kindred's Payments Solutions Team comprises 16 employees working in four locations worldwide. This year for the first time, Kindred arranged an event for the best payment partners were rewarded. Mickael Marceau, Director of Payments Solutions, is behind the initiative, and we met up with him so he could tell us more about it here.

Hi Mickael; thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Congratulations on the successful event you arranged earlier this month. Please give us a brief explanation of why this was important.

Absolutely! At Kindred, our expectations are high regarding providing our customers with a best-in-class user experience. Therefore, we must rely on many different partnerships to succeed. The companies we selected played a key role in exceeding our customers' expectations, and it was important to recognize and reward that.

Please could you describe the function of your department and how it impacts wider business and customer experience.

The payment solutions vertical is part of the product function at Kindred. We are responsible for delivering the best payment experience across all our brands and markets. Kindred has over 25 payment service suppliers in our portfolio; managing partnerships successfully is a key part of our strategy. 

How has the Payments Services Provider sector developed since you started? 

The online payment ecosystem is very dynamic! We now have open banking, state-of-the-art mobile payment solutions, and the latest technology when processing card payments. When I joined the industry 15 years ago, it heavily focused on card payments (over 80%); this has now decreased to 45%, with several new payment solutions being offered across the globe.

Tell us a bit about these awards; what categories did you have, and how were they measured?

We selected six different categories:

  • Most Reliable Card Platform
  • Best Pay-In product
  • Best Pay-Out product
  • Best Support Partner
  • Best Value proposition
  • Most Innovative Mindset

These awards represent some of the most important criteria we use to measure success. Reliability: the best user experience when depositing/withdrawing, innovation, global reach, and super support are what we call the recipe for success.


Thank you, Mickael, and big congratulations to all winners!


  • Kati Leppanen
    Corporate Brand Manager