Transactions at Scale

Wed, 07 Sep, 2022

More transactions than PayPal?

Kindred was invited to join the Silicon Roundabout podcast to talk about financial transactions and the technical team that provides solutions for efficient and error-free systems. Silicon Roundabout is one of Europe’s largest tech communities connecting companies and creating talent networks.

In this episode, you’ll hear from David Forsman, our Backend Domain Architect and Kunal Bhatia, who works as a Software Engineer in our Product Engineering Team.  The Transactions Services (TS) team globally holds all financial transactions inside the Kindred platform. Learn more about the team structure, dealing with technical debt, the scale of operations, and the challenges they face.

“The core services of Kindred’s transaction services have been there for over 10 years, and they keep functioning well because smart people designed the architecture and technology all those years ago, and that has enabled us to handle the ever-increasing growth of transactions” says David Forsman.

“This is my 4th podcast with Kindred, and I’m always impressed by how things are run. It’s such a good environment not just about what Kindred looks like to the world but having such a strong foundation inside the organisation,” says Mustafa Shreet, Director at Silicon Roundabout.