Welcome To Kindred UX

Tue, 23 Aug, 2022

Recently the UX team at Kindred has gone through a lot of changes, and the team will continue to grow over the coming years. This department is moving forward, merging architects and UI designers to form a big product team and introducing service design. The ambition is to double the team’s headcount and drive business initiatives focusing on users and their needs. 


Being a globetrotter and a keen traveller is a big plus for anyone joining the UX team. We work with a host of functions across multiple locations worldwide, and sometimes we jump on a plane to connect with our colleagues in person. We emphasise building genuine rapport and organising events such as our yearly UX conference, which we aim to bring back after a lockdown halt. And don’t be surprised if you stumble upon different cultures in each location across the entire business. The diversity of our backgrounds and ideas sets us apart from other players in the industry.


Getting UX right requires science. Our teams operate cross-functionally to create solutions that comply with complex market regulations and other challenging restrictions. By reviewing metrics and collaborating with researchers and analysts, the architects can make data-driven decisions that are proven to work. By setting up A-B tests and reviewing user testing, our designers get a clear insight into how the product performs before being launched onto the market. Remember, it’s all about validations, not assumptions or opinions!

The UX team is committed to delivering a thrilling, safe and secure experience to our 30 million customers, who trust us every time they use our products. Underlying that commitment is a deeper purpose that guides our decisions, our investments in the future, and our global policies. That purpose is: “To transform gambling by being a trusted source of entertainment that contributes positively to society.”


Creativity is an essential part of problem-solving. So, we ensure our team steps away from the occasionally blinding glare of the laptop screen and flexes their mental muscles. Often, we arrange fun and unconventional workshops such as graffiti and stencilling to experiment with new tools and learn new ways of expressing ideas. Our team has many talents, and we celebrate these by sharing them with each other.


At the heart of it all, we are people who want to have a purpose in our work. We are driven by the impact of our products, and it's extremely rewarding to see our output being recognised and helping drive the company forwards. By championing a team culture based on mentorship and coaching, we ensure that every individual has career growth and personal development support. There are many success stories across UX, and one is only limited by the size of our dreams!

When the important work is done, we like to have fun and toast our wins together. Work-life balance means everything, and we appreciate that having a happy team gives us productivity of the highest quality. We must focus on our people to ensure our operations always meet the highest professional, ethical, and compliance standards. Therefore, our priority is to attract and retain the best talent.

Kindred Spirit

It takes all kinds of people to create a winning team. We can only succeed if we let our differences enrich our culture because we didn’t get this far by having people cast in the same mould. We got here by being dynamic and continuously working on bringing diversity into our team. This will place us at the forefront of our industry.

By describing our culture, we remind ourselves what The Kindred Spirit is all about, and that’s decisive. When we stay true to our values, we act as individuals united.

Are you interested in joining our UX team? Click here to see all open opportunities: https://careers.kindredgroup.com/departments/design-user-experience/