How to take your product to the next level

Wed, 14 Jun, 2023

Kindred Group’s Chief product Officer Erik Bäcklund recently interviewed with iGamingFuture, where they talked about the opportunities for growth in the gambling industry in addition to some of the challenges.

Erik took the opportunity to talk about our Kindred Sportsbook Plattform, KSP, in regards of how integrations with multiple suppliers can be streamlined or better managed to improve the efficiency of resources:

“At Kindred, we’ve put great focus on finding a good mix between external suppliers and in-house development. With KSP we started with a clean slate, totally legacy free, and could hand-pick best-in-market suppliers to complement our infrastructure and create what we believe will be the next generation of sportsbook.”

When Bäcklund was asked the question if the industry reputation causes operators to struggle to find good talent, he answered that he didn’t really agree and said:

“The challenges and opportunities for tech talent are woven into the nature of our industry – for instance, we cover thousands of bet markets every day, offer in-play betting that requires highly sophisticated algorithms to assess massive amounts of data in real-time. Even the likes of TikTok, Amazon and Google do not offer techies this kind of real-time challenge!

To attract the right Tech staff, we are promoting the use of big data, algorithmic predictions, personalisation etc – and we are heavily promoting the fact that we are utilising these technologies to roll out new gaming apps and the Kindred Sportsbook Platform (KSP) is built on these foundations. Our aim with KSP is to build our own world-leading, bespoke in-house sportsbook, and we are using innovative technology that is appealing to the best tech talent as we strive to deliver highly personalised content, trading/pricing, and marketing.”

Read the iGamingFuture article here: https://igamingfuture.com/igaming-2023-how-to-take-your-product-to-the-next-level/


  • Maria Angell-Dupont
    External Communications Manager