Building the Sportsbook of tomorrow: A major step forward

Mon, 26 Feb, 2024

A Strategic Leap Forward

The Kindred Sportsbook Platform (KSP) has made significant progress, launching into a live test market for further development. With the project on track, Ben Colley and Andreas Reimblad, leading the initiative from a business and product perspective, shared their insights with EGR on the anticipated rollout across some of Kindred's key markets by the end of this year and into 2025.

Harnessing Technology for Innovation

Kindred's approach, leveraging data science and quantitative analysis, promises to revolutionise the industry with sophisticated algorithmic decisions and advanced pricing models. "We're setting a new standard through technology," says Ben Colley, emphasising the ambition to lead through innovation.

Delivering Local Market Relevance

KSP's design focuses on local market needs, ensuring offerings are relevant and engaging. "Being relevant locally while operating globally is our key to success," Andreas Reimblad highlights, underscoring the strategy for market differentiation.

Future-Proofing Our Sportsbook

As KSP enters a test market, the focus is on continuous improvement and anticipating future trends. "Building the sportsbook of tomorrow, today," asserts Ben Colley, guiding Kindred towards industry leadership.

For a comprehensive understanding of Kindred's strategic direction and vision for KSP, the full EGR interview provides detailed insights into our innovative approach.

Read the full interview here


  • Jamie Abbey
    Corporate Communications Manager