Kindred Sportsbook Product: The Untold chapter

Tue, 22 Aug, 2023

In a world saturated with information and a constant barrage of applications vying for attention, a paradigm shift has occurred, merging sports betting and media. Amidst this dynamic landscape, Kindred presents "always-on" entertainment which offers an immersive, personalised, and ever-evolving player experience on a global scale. Enter the Kindred Sportsbook Platform (KSP).

The heart of this project lies in front-end development and innovation. We recognise the importance of agility and originality in curating a platform with offerings, competitive rewards, and captivating content.

The Genesis of the Kindred Sportsbook Platform (KSP)

A natural evolution from our successful partnerships, KSP empowers us to navigate the evolving world of sports betting with greater autonomy; KSP pledges tailored experiences and rewards for our players. 

The Sportsbook Product Team

Our Sportsbook Product Team is central to the vision, long-term strategy and planning of KSP. The team is responsible for creating innovative product concepts to transform actionable deliverables into reality. We are adaptive in our decision-making, allowing us to make rapid decisions. Working in collaboration with companywide stakeholders makes alignment imperative to ensure relevant and contextual product delivery.

Kindred has many invaluable key stakeholders; Data science, trading & risk, customer support, local markets, commercial & marketing, business development and various analytics teams. Everyone contributes, from ideation to prioritisation; this collaboration helps us define clear roadmaps to deliver new and improved product features across our sportsbook offering.

We shape the business requirements with the UX and Tech teams, defining feasibility, complexity, effort, and value. This collective insight helps us understand the players demand for a seamless, streamlined, and enjoyable user journey—our product discovery phases and road-mapping balance a mix of short-term convenience and long-term scalability. We work collaboratively to pioneer the next wave of innovation within each market and the broader industry.

Pioneering Possibilities: Front-End Distinction

KSP allows limitless innovation in evolving, growing, and adapting to all our diverse local markets to bring tailored experiences for our players. 

The convergence between betting and sports-media has aided our audience to be immersed in the action; this is epitomised by our 'Watch & Bet' feature, which allows players to seamlessly place bets within the stream of a sporting event.

In addition to content innovation, contextual insights in collaboration with our data team aid our informed decision-making, much like discussions within sports broadcasts and social media. Beyond content, our incentives reshape rewards relevant to real-time events. The focus is on a native user experience that will be enhanced via personalisation and optimised awareness of cross-selling.

Rising to the Challenge

The evolving nature of our industry makes it a challenge to build an unrivalled sportsbook product with a global footprint. The team thrives on challenges, driven by a culture of openness and collaboration. As trends swing, we remain agile and receptive in our journey to create an offering which resonates, innovates, and captivates our global audience.


  • Daniel Avander
    Head of Sportsbook Product Management