Kindred Tech in India

Mon, 06 May, 2024

Kindred Group is setting up a Tech Hub in Bengaluru and tapping into India's rich pool of technical talent. The new Hub bolsters Kindred's Tech capabilities, complementing existing teams in Europe and Australia. We are confident in offering local employees exciting opportunities to contribute to the gaming sector while advancing careers within an award-winning Tech function at Kindred.

We spoke to Nikos Christodoulou, our Head of IT in India and Sukruthi N Kumar, Talent Acquisition Partner to learn more about Kindred’s new location.

Hi Nikos, you’ve recently relocated from Gibraltar to Bengaluru, what are your first impressions?

“I’m excited to be here, anywhere you look you can see and meet people involved in startups and technology. I’m happy to be able to build one more Tech Hub for Kindred, and to contribute to developing and supporting our platform in an environment where we can foster innovation.”

When asked about the best part of Bengaluru, Nikos is quick to reply: “The vibrant environment. This is a fast-paced, fast-growing, innovative Tech centre.”

Sukruthi, could you tell us what type of talent Kindred is looking for?

“Kindred is seeking talented individuals who are passionate about technology, gaming, and responsible practices. We are looking for individuals who are skilled in engineering and problem-solving, and who are committed to making a positive impact in the world of online gaming.”

How available are these skills in Bengaluru, is there competition for talent?

“Bengaluru is the Silicon Valley of India and the skills we are after are plentiful here. It is a very competitive market, and we feel very confident that Kindred is an attractive employer with an amazing work culture. We want to replicate the same ways of working and ambiance as in the rest of our Tech Hub s around the world.”

Nikos, why is this the right moment to join Kindred?

“This is an exciting time to join Kindred as we are extending our award-winning Racing platform into a full in-house Sportsbook platform. The platform reflects Kindred's long-term strategy of greater end-to-end control of its product offering and customer experience. Our goal at Kindred is to ensure a safe and secure gambling experience that is guided by our Journey towards Zero; to have zero percent revenue generated by harmful gambling. Our great culture, dynamic Tech environment, and focus on continuous improvement offer great opportunities for growth and development.”

Sukruthi, what can you tell candidates about Tech at Kindred?

“At Kindred, our technology is built on a robust proprietary platform that we are continually enhancing. We have achieved significant milestones, including over 11,000 releases, utilizing over 400 microservices, and handling an average of 55 million transactions per day. Our Tech team is dedicated to innovation and ensuring the best possible gaming experience for our users.”

Thank you both and best of luck with this new chapter at Kindred!

If you're passionate about Tech, gaming, and ensuring responsible fun, join us in Bangalore, click here to view open vacancies: https://careers.kindredgroup.com/vacancy/find/results/

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