Responsible Gambling

We want all our customers to enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment and we are committed to do all that we reasonably can to prevent and minimise harm caused by gambling. By working together, across gambling operators, regulators, treatment centres, reformed problem gamblers, researchers and other partners, we can move towards an industry that offers customers true entertainment. We have, as part of our vision to make gambling 100 per cent enjoyable, set an ambition to reach zero revenue derived from harmful gambling by 2023.

2019 highlights
of our customers deposit less after detection and responsible gambling communication
customers analysed to ensure personalised and targeted responsible gambling approach
of our customers use non-mandatory control tools
of our customers adopt healthier gambling behaviour after detection and responsible gambling communication
increase in real time responsible gambling messaging
increase in real time communication of Responsible Gambling messages

Detecting problematic customer behaviour

For more than two decades we have invested heavily in developing technologies to detect and prevent problematic gambling behaviours. We use our knowledge to create a digital fingerprint of our customers’ behaviour. This fingerprint allows us to monitor, detect and follow up on problematic activities, and provide targeted customer protection, which is a central part of building a safe and responsible gambling environment. 

We have applied empirical research to develop a method for detecting early signs of problem gambling behaviour among our customers. It resulted in our detection system PS-EDS (Player Safety – Early Detection System) which is a major pillar in Kindred’s sustainable gambling approach. Watch the short video below to learn more about PS-EDS.

Helping customers stay in control

If a customer starts to show signs of problematic gambling behaviour and is detected by PS-EDS, an automated notification is sent to our Responsible Gambling team. Our team builds a profile of the customer and advises on the most suitable Responsible Gambling messages and tools to help them stay in control. We proactively reach out to the customer and advise the customer on steps that can be taken for safer play through information and promotion of Responsible Gambling tools. We invest in research to understand what makes a Responsible Gambling tool efficient in helping our customers and we continuously develop a range of control tools. In 2019, 11.5% of our customers used one or more of our non-mandatory tools. 

Sustainability goals

Our vision is to make gambling 100% enjoyable, and with that in mind we have a clear ambition: 0% gross winnings revenue derived from harmful gambling

Next steps for 2020

  • Continue to educate our customers in responsible gambling by ensuring communication campaigns on sustainable consumption message is carried out across our markets.
  • Take leadership on industry wide collaboration and knowledge sharing by hosting internal events and the fifth annual Sustainable Gambling Conference.
  • Continue to support the responsible gambling research field by developing two or more research papers in the field by the end of 2020 and continue to implement relevant research findings to our systems and processes.
  • Enhance detection capabilities for PS-EDS by increasing the number of indicators based on relevant research findings as a step towards the 2023 ambition of 0% revenue from harmful gambling.

Read more about our approach to Responsible Gambling in our annual Sustainability Report.


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