Kindred's payment partners: Celebrating a year of excellence

Mon, 27 Nov, 2023

Kindred's Payment Solutions Team continues to forge ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of online payments. A year after the inaugural event celebrating top payment partners, the awards are becoming a tradition within the industry. This year, among a diverse array of over 25 payment service providers, Kindred recognised the five that made a significant impact throughout 2023, aiding the company's growth and delivering added value to customers.

For the second year in a row, the awards serve as a testament to Kindred's commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the outstanding contributions of its payment partners. These awards symbolise excellence and dedication to providing great user experience in a dynamic sector where adaptability and innovation are paramount.

Kindred's Payment Solutions Team, led by Mickael Marceau, Director of Payment Solutions, played a pivotal role in organising the awards ceremony. The event featured six distinct categories, each highlighting a crucial aspect of a successful partnership:

  • Best Value Proposition
  • Best Pay-in Product
  • Best Pay-out Product
  • Most Reliable Card Platform
  • Best Support Partner
  • Most Innovative Mindset

Mickael, tell us about the 2023 categories and criteria for success. 

We decided to repeat last year's format to ensure consistency and fairness. Originally, this event was intended to be a one-off activity, but after discussions within the team, we decided to repeat it. We considered the overall feedback received from last year and the added value this initiative has brought to the Group over the past 12 months.

These six categories are the key to success in the highly dynamic gaming payment sector, and we believe that partners have made an enormous difference in helping us succeed.

Are you planning any changes for the 2024 awards?  

Of course we are!

Development is not just an aspiration but vital to staying at the top of our game. Our expectations are higher than ever, so we must pick our winners more rigorously. Recognition will go to partners who have exceeded our expectations, as we need more than simply meet our needs and requirements. We want to be impressed!

What can you tell us about the trends in the Payment Solutions industry and what suppliers should be focusing on? 

Here are my top considerations:

  • Our industry is very scrutinised
  • Our compliance framework is tight 
  • Technology is evolving

With the three points above, I gave it all away.

Suppliers should focus on embracing innovation and utilising technology to remove bottlenecks and improve the customer experience; this adds value, removes friction, and makes operators more involved and invested in the partnership.

Thank you for the interview, Mickael!


  • Kati Leppanen
    Corporate Brand Manager